Thursday, 16 August 2012

A day of the Doorbell ringing!

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the postman arriving.The excitement of a parcel arriving has never left me.

And everybody fell in love with Postman Pat and Jess!

Yesterday the doorbell rang and there was the postman with a parcel. It had been on a convoluted journey from Buffalo in the USA to Scotland and then down to Devon. Last year we went to a beautiful wedding in America and I saw some wonderful fabric there and my wish came true yesterday when 6 metres arrived.

I had seen a little stall in Boston where a young girl had made beautiful bibs and she kindly told me where she had sourced the material. I could have looked on the site for hours. Choosing which patterns to buy was the hardest part! Sadly the shipping costs to the UK were high so I waited until my sister-in-law went back to the US so that she could bring them back. And they were so worth the wait.

Funky Giraffes


Cute cars.

Smaller versions

And gorgeous owls

I know lots of us Bloggers do a lot of yarn stroking and fabric smoothing and I certainly have been doing that with these gorgeous pieces. Not only are the designs lovely but the fabric is really smooth and soft. I have some ideas in mind. Bibs are an all time favourite.

But I also want to try and make some of these gorgeous fabric balls!

 There is a lovely pattern here at the Purl Bee. My aspirations with the sewing machine always outstrip my abilities but I will enjoy some good natured swearing and cursing as my ball turns out more like a melon. Never mind!

After lunch the doorbell rang again and I was so pleased to see Anne from the Charity knitting thread on the doorstep -- It has been two years since we last met so we had a lot to catch up on.
Now you can't come to Devon without a cream tea and I am always happy to bake so scones it was. And you really can't have scones without the cream and jam. In Devon it is cream first which represents the butter. In Cornwall jam goes first!

I decided to try some mini sponges. I drool over this blog about baking -- It is amazing! And like my sewing machine efforts I always think I can do it. Well optimism is a really good trait but mine makes me laugh it is so misplaced. However I was pleased with the final result. The frosting covers a multitude of sins and I took pictures of the best ones. It was lovely to cut them like mini sponges though!

Anne did not come empty handed there was a big squishy bag containing 100 squares from Mrs Twins. I am going to enjoy some relaxing hours making blankets for her wonderful cause.

Then like Mary Poppins she produced 4 lovely squares for the latest Charity Blanket on our Martins Money Saving crafting thread. Anne has made some for me before and they are always lovely.

Anne also knew about my hedgehogs and their life at the Wildlife Centre so she had kindly made me a little prickle!

And finally I had a little present from Anne a little notebook from a company I have never come across before but I love it. The paper is made with real used Sterling Bank notes that have been shredded and mixed with post consumer waste -- How neat is that!

No wonder I loved the doorbell ringing yesterday. Now today I was not expecting the doorbell to ring once. But it did and our lovely postman was on the doorstep again with another parcel!

Now the "Sporty One "is cooking tea so I have to go but I will be blogging about that parcel soon!
I hope the postman knocks on your door with something nice really soon!


  1. My postman is actually rather tasty, whatever he is delivering. I do have to hide in shame now though since Euan opened the window to him one morning and said 'You are late today, you should try running'! How rude! lol :) x What a great day you had!

    1. It was Lucy -- I wonder if the doorbell will ring today? I think the thing children say are really funny -- I had some hair raising moments when mine were little. It still makes me smile. I hope you are coping with all this rain x

  2. Hi linda,
    I think my favourite is the Owl fabric, what a treat!I'm waiting for some Florafil yarn to come from the States! I am so pleased you had a good time with Anne, she's lovely and we get on so well. I am pleased she passed on the squares and I see you have already placed them out! Thanks so much for helping me. I have been out delivering this morning and once again our blankets are so.....well received!
    Thanks Linda, oh and your baking looks delicious!
    Bye for now and thank you Suex

    1. Hi Sue. Yes we had a lovely time - yarn and baking . The perfect combination I think.I will enjoy " playing with the squares and Anne will bring them back in September so circumnavigating Postman Pat!

  3. What a fun time with the post! The scones look good, but your sponges look delish!

    1. Thanks Suz-- I keep thinking of you!!! The sponges did look really sweet. It was hard consuming just a few calories I can tell you xx

  4. I love getting packages in the mail!!! It is the best, like Christmas, even though it's usually stuff I order, and I know what it is, it's so exciting to open them up!

    What fun fabric choices, I bought the train print (same designer) for my little boys birthday party last year. I made a banner!! Have fun sewing up some cute stuff with it. :):)

    1. Hi Kimberly -- I will once I have sorted out what I want to sew and get my machine organised!
      Thanks for popping in
      Love Linda

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for commenting from so far afield

  6. Hi Linda I love parcels - I think your fabric looks amazing I am so jealous. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you love your iPad as much as I do :)

    1. Thank you so much. I am busy upcycling all types of material at the moment and will be blogging about it really soon. I am sure the Ipad will be great

  7. Ooo I love! It is such a shame there is nothing that compares based in the UK, at least not that I've found. I made quite a big purchase recently and the P&P with customs charges did cause my husband to raise his eyebrows somewhat!!

    I'm in love with that little bib with the seaside scene on it. Do you know what fabric that is by chance? xxx

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