Sunday, 15 July 2012

Your Cafe Needs You!!

Never mind the Crochet lessons, our daughter was without staff in Cafe Zu yesterday!

You know what it is like holidays,sickness etc.
So it was all hands to the teapot!

Well I put a message on Facebook to tell all our friends to give it a wide berth as there was bound to be chaos among the cakes and Cappuchino.

Disaster accompanying the diners!

And angst with the afternoon tea!

But No!
Our friends came in to show their support,have a laugh!

I loved it, all went smoothly and the bonus for me was "The Sporty One" cooked a delicious supper.

Scallops on a bed of Mushy Peas with Pancetta

Prawn and Pea Risotto!

Served with homemade Sunblush Tomatoes and Chorizo bread!

After all he could have been Press Ganged as well!

But, I was so blown away by the food I am thinking it would be a good idea to open a Cafe Chalky very soon.
I can clang teapots and he can cook!


  1. The Sporty one should really get on Masterchef! He must not let such talent go to waste...I am starvin like Marvin now! What about one of those 'Restaurants in your living room'...that would be fun. :)

  2. That food looks yummy Linda, sounds like the cafe is a big hit, good for you coming to the rescue. :)

  3. Hi Linda,

    Dinner looks very nice. Thank you for dropping by my blog and your lovely comment.

  4. A Lady of many talents :-)

  5. Superb cooking - I've just had breakfast but I'm hungry all over again now! xxx

  6. Wow the Sporty one is a great cook - lovely presentation too. xxx

  7. That food looks gorgeous, worth working all day for!


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