Saturday, 28 July 2012

I need a blind man and a galloping horse!

I really loved my Father-In-Law. Sadly he is no longer here with us. He had a saying for absolutely everything and when something went wrong he used to say "Oh,Don't worry. A Blind Man on a galloping horse will not see that!" He loved making things and wasn't afraid to bodge a job if the end result was useful, practical and did the job!! We are still using a barbecue with an odd leg which he proudly crafted for us.

Well today I have had a frustrating day, a maddening day in fact just one of those days!

I have some curtains that had to be altered. Not just shortened but one of the three panels had to be cut in half and each of the halves then had to be sewn onto each of the other panels to make extra wide curtains to fit the extra wide window in young William's room! Now, he is coming for his first holiday so they have to be ready so that he does not wake up at silly O'Clock!
Added to that the project was further complicated by the said curtains having ring tops.

What was I thinking of when buying them in the first place|!

Now, I might have some talents but accurate measuring and cutting in a straight line is not one of them!So, I enlisted the "Sporty Ones" help and we measured,checked ,marked and then checked all over again.With confidence I cut one panel in half. I cut off the spare material from the length-- Oh! the projects that sprang to mind that would be perfect for using up these pieces. Cushions,pillows, tote bags. Endless and exciting.

The first curtain worked perfectly and just as I was thinking that being less slapdash about all that measuring and not being assured I was cutting on a straight line were obviously my problems.  I started on the second. Well, then the trouble began. How can one half of the same panel when attached to an equal size other panel end up with one side at least one inch longer than the other where the seam joins? It really is not possible! I contemplated throwing the whole lot in the bin after double checking I had followed the same process as I had with the first.

Even the Sporty One said why don't you just make a lot more cushions and tote bags!

But, no, I will not give up even though the machine needle broke twice! I hummed and haahed, I cussed a bit/lot and then I fiddled about laying one curtain on top of the other and measuring them that way.

Then I laid them over the banister rail to meet again in the morning. I gratefully packed away my sewing machine and thought about that blind man and his galloping horse.

Then I did what I always do when my nerves are jangling. I picked up my trusty crochet hook and finished the latest Lappycuddlyghan I am making for Mrs Twins.That was just what I needed.Crochet and I are best friends, no measuring as such and no cutting straight lines or fighting with the sewing machine.
One of those " Tah Dah" moments! Yeah! I can do things.Just like a crafty Goddess.
The finishing touch, the photo to finish!

And, as I stood back to gaze at my latest Lappy fondly something caught my eye. What's the matter with that purple square ---- It does not look like all the others! Drat, the flower is worked upside down and I have only just noticed and the border is finished.

Oh, well bodger to the rescue. A new flower added to the top

Where is that galloping horse now. I need it?


  1. Hope your day is better now. I usually just try to say "Will this matter in 20 years?" Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. :-)

    1. Well isn't that a wise atatement -- I hope it wont matter in 20 days-- Just a minor inconvenience. Thanks for popping in
      Kindest Regards Linda

  2. I love that! A blind man on a galloping horse! :)

  3. giggle. I've never heard of the blind man on a galloping horse saying, but my DH always says :" A blind man would be happy to see that!" sort of the same, but different
    They'd make nice pillows......

  4. Love the Lappy Linda, glad you were able to correct your upside down flower, I bet no one would have noticed anyway:)

  5. Thank you all for such lovely comments.The curtains are still on the landing but a new week begins tomorrow x

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments! The curtains are still on the bannisters but it is a new week beginning tomorrow!

  7. Linda, I still havne't progressed on shortening my voile kitchen curtains. It seems there is a little gremlin who sneaks about causing lines to be cut wonky and measurements to be untrue when we all now how carefully we measure and cut! The trouble with mine apart from the fact they have french seams is that the voile will not iron into a crease so the hem is iffy. Yuk. Still, the blind man won't care will he! Lily. xxx

  8. How did we ever do anything straight in our old classroom then as I can't do straight even with a ruler and a set square?! xxxmuch love

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