Thursday, 12 July 2012

Have you heard of Dame Hannah Rogers?

My lovely daughter told me I should visit the new spot in town!
Now our town is a small one!
A market town in South Devon.
Newton Abbot.

So after meeting a lovely friend for coffee I found Hannah's.

This building used to be home to a lovely independent book shop -- sadly no more!

But it has been given a new lease of life.

A bright new sparkly one!

A mix of old,new,vintage,shabbychic,crafty and timeless!

I enjoyed a wander and then realised this pretty shop was much more.
More than the racks of clothes.
More than the shelves of bric a brac.
Hannah's is the legacy of Dame Hannah Rogers

Now, we used to live in Exeter and when I was teaching "the littlies" there I was aware of the work done in the school there to help disabled children.

Their Mission set in place by Dame Hannah is--
"Hannah's is dedicated to empowering, advocating and enriching the lives of children, young people and adults with a range of disabilities"

Well we feel so lucky to spend time with William.
 He seems to be progressing beautifully in every area in his young life.
His first time in a swing!
 He loved it!

Auntie Briony teaching how to Be Superman! He loved that too!
But of course not every little girl or boy is so lucky.
But maybe they are lucky enough to be helped by someone as wonderful as Dame Hannah Rogers.

Well as I was walking around I thought I could help in a little way.
I talked to a very enthusiastic member of staff who welcomed my ideas.
So, I came straight home and thought about how I could help.
Help,in a small way, but every little does help!

The Lappy cuddlyghan I was working on during our journey home from sunny Spain.

Another little Blue Baby blanket and matching hat -- just perfect for this July weather!
And just in case someone a little bigger is needing something cuddly and warm just now!
A bigger hat!

Some of my little bibs!
I love the seaside one.
Perfect for dribbly ice-creams.

A little Daisy Pot holder and Hairband.

Some bookmarks - ready for lazy summer reads!

An owl rattle!
The last one of my latest little obsession.

Some Curly Whirly key rings!

And to finish little hedgies, one with a very apt name!
And of course a couple of little furry sisters!

And, as I take my little bits and pieces in I shall say a small vote of thanks that all is well in Williams world!


  1. What a kind gesture. Its so important to give back isn't it. xxx

    1. Thank you Lily --- I do feel like that and it does give my hooking and clicking a purpose so it is a double bonus x

  2. A lovely post, Linda. You do so much for others, and you so deserve the joy you get from William.

  3. Thank you so much Janet. I was a little bit lost a while back when my Mojo seemed to have disappeared but I know now it is always here when I link it to my Charity bits! It actually gives me a sense of purpose and I know I am " talking" to someone else who feels the same.
    Love Linda

  4. Hi Linda! I love all your "hooky" projects, and I know they will be adored by whomever is the lucky recipient! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Creating with your heart--what a wonderful gift!

  6. Hi Yes I have ! we have a Hannah's school here in Ivybridge. They always do a great summer fair although I missed it this year. We have one of their charity shops in 'the village' as well but I always feel a bit sorry for them as they seem to lose out on the decent stock to the hospice shop (another brilliant cause I know)
    Great charity and you are very generous
    Have agood weekend
    Sue x

  7. Great work - and giving something back too. Perfect. I love your ideas. jenx

  8. as ever Linda wonderful - William is such a lovely boy and you his wonderful, thoughtful giving Nan - someone will be over the moon with any of those items - love the rattle xx

    1. Sorry the above message Linda is from Jaqui from MSE - seems Ive got my sons acct!

  9. Still as my son!

  10. diana moneypenny15 July 2012 at 09:20

    what a lovely and inspiring blog, you have so much talent and so much kindness.


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