Wednesday, 20 June 2012

On The Road Again!

The Sunshine Bus is packed!
The blanket knitted by "The Sporty Ones" Nana is just perfect on the bed.
Nana would be so proud to be sought after Vintage material.
We just love it!

I'm packed!

I couldn't resist a little try with the colour  combinations and the new project for the long journey home.

I bet the good intentions of sewing in the ends as I go soon disappears!
The back  looks as good as the front.

And the tails will make the van look so pretty!

So it's Granny Love for about 1500 miles and a new blanket to show for the road trip of 2012.
I will be back on line as son as I can but I would like to thank my lovely followers for taking the time to comment on my posts and I have got 130 followers so it is nearly time for a Giveaway methinks!


  1. What a groovy Sunshine Bus...made me think 'Life is not about the destination it is about the journey.' :)

    1. I think your lovely family would be perfect for a Sunshine Bus all of your own in a few years.
      Love Linda

  2. What fun your bus muSt be! Thanks for your comments Linda. I agree with you it's great seeing what everyone likes, colours, designs etc. great blanket with wiggles square in x

  3. Bon Voyage - see you've got the packing right - love the blanket it looks so cosy in the sunshine bus

  4. Hope you have packed your mac and wellies - its still raining here!

  5. Looks really cosy in the sunshine bus love the retro blanket, and the yarn bag, did you make or buy it? Anne x

  6. Well we are home and thank you so much for all your encouraging journey comments!! The weather was not very kind and believe ot or not I ran out of wool --- By far the biggest problem!

  7. It's great to be on the road. Every time I see a sunshine van I am going to wonder if it is you! Found you through country heart and home blog. Now a follower and will pop back again. I love to scrapbook.


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