Friday, 15 June 2012

I have swapped!

It has been so hot here I have had to swap the woolly yarn for the cooler cotton.

It is funny how I seem to naturally gravitate to blue when I am hot, and red when I am cold!
So. at the moment with soaring temperatures it's blue all the way!

Usually I have a project in mind but with all the football going on I just started working with the cotton with nothing in mind at all.

It is a totally different way to approach things but actually I just enjoyed the pattern making.

Some single crochet,some double crochet and lots of trebles!

Some in clusters of three!
And then I had,had enough and decided to stop.
That is so like me!

Butterfly brain at the very best of times!
Then of course it was a case of looking at the piece of work and picturing what it could become.
Well luckily the imaginative muses and craft fairies were with me and very soon I had a finished project.
Two straps made of double crochet stitches.

The piece neatly sewn in half!

Pretty buttons of course!

Some subtle Chalky flowers!

You can see it coming together--- So could I.
And more importantly I was beginning to be very happy with it.
Most of all because the piece of crochet with no purpose was not,not,not going to end up in the Work In Progress bag!

I was liking it so much I decided it deserved a lovely emerald green lining.
I love those two colours together.

And look just a piece of football distraction has become something lovely and rather useful for these warm summer days.

And actually I love it.
I am sure you hardly ever work in this way.
So try it.
Leave Flikr,Ravelry,Gorgeous blogs,Tempting Books and just make some stitches and see what happens.
You might, like me, be glad you did!
If you follow my lead I would love to hear about where you ended on your journey!


  1. What a pretty bag - it looks cool to touch! The pattern has turned out really lacy and delicate. There is no sign of hot weather here in the UK - its freezing. Lily. xxx

  2. Lovely bag, Linda! It looks really useful. Good advice to just sit and stitch. Must try it sometime!

  3. Well done Linda I love it, I'm useless at creating things, any attempt usually gets pulled back pretty quickly lol the weather here is still awful, so make the most of the lovely sunshine over there :)

  4. That is beautiful. I like everything about it - the colors, the pattern, the final result. Very talented indeed!

  5. Thank you all for such supportive comments.
    Kindest Regards Linda


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