Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hearts and hooking!

I have worked really hard on trying to develop a more optimistic approach to life!
It has not always been this way.
I vividly remember trying to start the car with a banana when I was working full time with the "littlies" and had  three children of my own!
That has got to be a sign of stress-- Trying to start a car with a banana ought to be documented in the Lancet or somewhere else noteworthy!

Anyway since retirement bananas have taken their rightful place in the fruit bowl and we now have a healthy relationship.

I have talked about my love of heart shaped things before.
Today I wanted to just follow my heart again and just hook.

First with the finest cotton and teeny hook.
Funny shape for a heart!

Then when that tested my patience and eyesight some thicker yarn came out of the stash.
I have crocheted hearts before -- there are lots of patterns in Blogland to refresh my memory!
But, I am still thinking about Creative Carmelina and her crochet projects.
Beautiful creams and lovely images.

This is where I love my optimism -- Yesterday I really believed I could quilt like the best.
The machine came out, I cut pretty shapes in gorgeous colours.
I knew exactly what I had in mind.
Optimistic -- Oh yes.
The machine ate the material, the tension was all wrong.
  So in disgust the machine went back into the box and was seriously sent to Coventry.

But I am optimistic and that was yesterday!
So today, a new day has dawned!
So back to hearts.
 My first did not have a pointy enough point!

My second did not have a dipped enough top!
And then all of a sudden I let my hook do the walking,talking and deciding, and things immediately began to look up!

Lovely hearts all in a row and just perfect for a little bit of extra love and attention.

A little white edging.

Dressed with a  little fine cotton heart and pretty button.

Flip the colours and work a white heart and  pop on a pretty red button.

And layer heart on heart.

Just loving them!

If you would like to make some here is the pattern I ended up with.

1. Chain 4 and slip stitch to make a ring.If you can make the magic ring it will work right now!

2. Working in the loop you have made, chain 2 ( This represents your first treble) Work 2 more trebles. 3 double crochets. 1 chain. 1 treble. 1 chain. 3 double crochets.3 trebles . Chain 2. Slip stitch in to the middle of the ring to finish your first round.

3.Chain 2 and work a single crochet in the very first space from your previous round. 3 trebles in the next space.Then work 1 treble in each of the next 4 spaces.You will find your are in the 1 chain space from the previous row.Work 1 chain and then I treble in the actual stitch of the treble in your previous round. By working in the stitch you will keep a nice point on your heart. Chain 1. 1 treble in each of the next 4 spaces. Work 3 trebles in the next space and finish with 2 chains and slip stitch in the last space in the previous row. When you sew your tail in it creates a perfect dip at the top of your heart.

 I hope it works for you. When I write all those instructions it sounds really complicated but I promise you it is not, and once you get hooking and see the symmetry you will be hooked!

Love and hearts!


  1. Well done for perservering. I have some fabric calling me to sew little simple (actually VERY simple) dresses for my little nieces but I am honestly scared of my new sewing machine; make that any sewing machine! I just keep putting it off. I must try and face it or the summer will be over. Lily. xxx

    1. Good luck with those projects. I bet your little neice would love them xx

  2. Lovely little hearts Linda I have bookmarked them and will definitely be making some, thank you for the pattern, I know just what you mean about the sewing, I would love to be able to quilt but I can never get far, I blame my sewing machine every time but it's me really I just can't sew :(

    1. I hope you make some soon -- They are so easy and effective
      Kindest Regards Linda


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