Saturday, 19 May 2012

Woohooo! I have found the "M!!" Now bring on the OJO!

Lovely comments about my last post and my loss of Mojo has made me feel more optimistic!

I really do understand the correlation between my Crafty/woolly pursuits and a feeling of serenity within me.
So, if I have not got a crafty project nearby I generally know I am feeling a bit out of kilter.
And, anyone who visits here at Chalky's World will know that this is definitely not the Status Quo!
Optimism and I usually have a happy relationship!

Well after reading the lovely comments I went in search of some needles rather than my trusted hook.

Big ones felt just right.
Chunky,soft,cuddly yarn felt even better.
Colours and hues reminded me of someone special.

All of a sudden I felt that the " M " in Mojo was here with me!

And the icing on the cake today came in the form of "W"
William is five months old today and he skyped us just before bedtime.

Well just about perfect really!


  1. How cute is Master William! He looks fascinated in that photograph...was he talking to you on Skype? I have not used skype but how cute is that at 5months old skyping your Nannie. I am sure O, J and O are not far away. xxx

  2. I am glad its coming back already - no wonder after such a cute smiley face says hello to you! I am really enjoying your blog and have just spent an hour catching up on your old post. My ancestors are from Bideford, Northam and Appledore and it is my spiritual home so I have loved the pictures from there. We are finally moving there this year and I just can't wait. Lily. xxx

  3. If you've got the M, the ojo can't be far behind! yay! Have fun with your needles.
    Your little grandson looks adorable!

  4. Oh my Master William is sooo cute. Glad you are feeling more knitty, its serious when us crafters lose our Mojo isn't it? If Im not making something the family worry.

  5. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. Glad your mojo is returning. You've certainly had a lot of life changes over the past few months, so it's not suprising things go topsy turvey sometimes. Just relax and enjoy the sunshine!

  6. Thank you all for such encouraging comments. Life indeed has been Topsy Turvy of late so balancing things is going to be relaxing and energising! I hope !


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