Monday, 7 May 2012

We are off to our little Spanish house for a well deserved bit of rest and relaxation!
Just walking around our garden this morning the Apple Tree was saying it's most beautiful goodbye to us

Sadly the Tree Peony is still tightly tucked up.
So will miss her gorgeous display.

But the Aquieigia are just beginning to show their pretty bonnets.
I will have another look before we leave this afternoon!

And if you look closely there are some other little creatures eagerly awaiting them to open!

I won't show you the wonderful display of dandelions which have established themselves whilst we have been distracted with "Operation Broken House!"
Needless to say they will get their marching orders when we return at the end of June!

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  1. Lovely pictures! Have a good rest in Spain. I believe the weather has picked up there now!


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