Tuesday, 22 May 2012

O,J.O. --- Put them all together and I have found my Mojo!

Welcome back dear companion!
Suggestions to put away my hook and click a few needles has worked!

Ok! It went a bit like this.
Take 300grams of Wendy X- Treme.
(Best if like me you can find 600grams in a Charity shop for 3 Euros!)
Take 1 pair of 9mm needles.
Yes they are huge!
And quick and ideal if you fear your Mojo may go again at any given click!
Cast on 24 stitches.

Knit in garter stitch until your strip measures 36 inches or just over 90 cms.
About 41/2 inches or 12 cms from the end make 3 buttonholes evenly across your work.
I cast off on one row and cast on on the next row

Now we have a cowl!
Put your cowl on and mark where the buttons have to go to match the buttonholes you have just made!
You know you have got it right when the cowl makes a neat little point which will conveniently tuck inside your coat to keep you cosy and warm!
I wanted to use random buttons!

Now at times like this I know why my friend calls me Quirky. I don't mind. In fact I quite like it!
However, it is very hot here today and the sky is blue above the mountains. .
And what am I doing -- knitting woolly cowls.
Well, it's not me. It is that Mojo of mine playing tricks as it has of late!

As I said I am not in the least bit worried as we are off on an adventure this week.
The map is out.
The guide book ready and we are off to the Alpujarras.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpujarras
And, NO, I am not taking my cowl with me!


  1. Have a wonderful adventure!

  2. Glad you found your mojo again - darned elusive things at times!
    Great cowl for the colder weather, but in the meantime enjoy the blue sky and sun where you are(its only just arrived here in the south east of UK )and have a great time travelling!
    Gill xx


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