Thursday, 3 May 2012

My woolly Mojo is missing, but 1,2,3 and these are as cute as can be!

We moved back into our house one week ago!
We have not stopped sorting and tidying, tidying,tidying and sorting!
My poor blog has been sadly neglected of late and my crafty pursuits totally curtailed.
I have stroked a few balls of wool this week whilst squishing them into their new woolly home but my Mojo is still in a box somewhere!

However, I have made three little bibs using this lovely pattern from

I love them!

So here we have it!
Number 1.

Everybody loves The Hungry Caterpillar!

Number 2.

My favourite-- starring Alphonse the giraffe!

Number 3.

Pretty butterflies.

I made the caterpillar bib for William, who is growing more delightful every day.
He thought the other ones a bit girly and that made him smile!

So,thank you Chickpea.
 And thank you for popping into Chalky's World .
Perhaps you may be inspired to make a bib for a little one close to you.


  1. The photograph of William really made me smile, he is adorable. I am glad you are back home. Maybe your Yarny Mojo and my Yarny Mojo have gone on a short vacation? I love the bibs and quite agree you can never have too many, with both my boys I was very fussy about bibs and they had some really cute bibs. I could do with a bib as my 15 yr old noted tonight, I always drop food on myself, could you do extra large ones? xxx

  2. Welcome back home! It must feel wonderful to be back, but it takes so much time to get everything sorted and organized. Once it's all away in your 'new' home, perhaps you'll be making up for lost time.
    William is a happy, handsome little fellow!

  3. My most favourite book - given to every little person I adopt as a grandchild is The Hungry Caterpillar that bib is just fantastic.
    So pleased to see you back in your own little haven and a smiley William too!


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