Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Cupboard of Doom under the stairs!

Every cloud has a silver lining!

The mammoth task of emptying "Countrystyle" for it's recent update held many challenges -- most of them mine.
 Lucky enough for the Sporty One the garage remained untouched.
Well, one such challenge was the cupboard of doom under the stairs.
It held various bags stuffed with unfinished projects!
Of the woolly variety of course.
Very much out of sight out of mind had worked beautifully for a long time.
I had carefully ignored the whisperings from cardigans and jumpers pleading to be completed.
But, I could not bear to throw them out.

So I have actually mustered some self discipline this weekend and finished this little border.

I think it pretty enough to use on other projects.
Especially using dainty wool.
It will make such a pretty border for premature baby blankets.

I was patient enough to attach it to the little cardigan using mattress stitch.

So all done and dusted.
The only problem is that it has taken me so long that the little girl who it was intended for has grown sooo big!
So I am folding it up carefully.

 And putting it ---- not in the cupboard of doom but in my wonderful new Craft cupboard!
It was almost worth the mess updating the house to get such a wonderful cupboard!

And I certainly will not be able to ignore any other unfinished projects in there!


  1. It is a beautiful little cardigan, what a pretty colour and border. It would not suit William at all! I love you new craft cupboard, I am a bit too jealous. :) x

  2. What a pretty cardigan, the border really makes it! I have a hat box that I have been hiding bits in and decided to tackle it tonight - lots of squares of various sizes in there and half a tiny pig !

  3. Linda thank you so much for the beautiful Blankets today! I lost your mail address! :( I was completely overwhelmed by the parcel today. I am so....grateful to you. You have worked so hard making these Squares up I know because I do it! The Blankets have been decorated and are now on SIBOL. Pop over when you have time!

    Your cupboard is superb! Enjoy your crafting and thanks to you and the Ladies on MSE. A Great bunch of dear friends!
    Love Suex


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