Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pueblo Pickle AKAS Sweet Tomato Chutney.

Chutney has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember!

Everyone knows that when the " Sporty One " is away I live on Cheese and Chutney sandwiches.
Our family and friends always leave the house with a jar under their arm.

We love the little village on the hill near us in Spain.

Mojacar Pueblo
And there is a lovely little market there on Wednesdays.

We went today to get all the ingredients we needed to make some Pueblo Pickle.
A sweet tomato chutney that we will all enjoy.
A few jars for us and a few to give away!

I googled the recipe for the "Sporty One" and as easy as 1,2,3 there was the firs batch all bottled and the best bit was I got to do the pretty bits!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Little by little. Poco en Poco!

Tiny--- adj tinier,tiniest,very small, minute!!

When we first bought our little Spanish house water was a real issue-- It still can be but we have learnt to adapt and realise we are not in the UK where everything is generally literally " on tap!"

So at the beginning when we had not had a drop of water for four days Innez was called by a neighbour who took pity on us!
Innez arrived in a little van and we listened to a tirade about our situation.
 I flicked through the dictionary trying to find the meaning of " Muchas Trabajo! These words were being muttered at an alarming rate and  I realised they was accompanied by the words " Muchas Dinero!"

Now, there was a fair amount of work involved in putting a tank in the garage which holds 500 litres of water
.And this dear Spnish plumber did bring a builder and they did work very hard but rip us off they certainly did not!!
That was 10 years ago and we have got to know Innez a little bit.
His daughter Luna runs a local restaurant which we like to support and Innez and his wife appreciate this.
We have met his family and they have met ours,
He always gives My Dear Mother In Law a special cuddle.

Now last December our first Grandson was due and coincidentally Innez was very proud to say his first Grandchild was due in January!
Great excitement and a common bond!

Now, as we were getting ready to go home and wait for William to be born suddenly there was a very worrying time for Innex and his family.
Baby Luna was born way too early weighing just 850grams!
Feeling very helpless, and realising at such times that a few words saying sorry were not nearly enough I got out my trusty knitting needles and made a whole set of the tiniest premature baby clothes for dear little Luna.

Now, we had to go home and anyone who follows my blog will know that we found ourselves at the polar opposite situation. 
William was born weighing 9lbs 12ozs to a very tiny mummy!

Anyway, William is thriving and when we got back to our little house with a water tank in the garage we had the news that  baby Luna now weighs over 5 lbs!
Miracles can happen!

So I decided in her honour to knit some more premature clothes for the hospital where she was born!
I found this pattern -- just perfect!

So I hope they will help other little Spanish babies born way too early at the Neo Natal ward at Granada hospital.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The Wonderful Alpujarras!

We do love to go adventuring from our little Spanish home!
And we wanted to visit the beautiful Alpujarra region
Have you ever read "Driving Over Lemons" by Chris Stewart?
Chris retired as the drummer from Genesis to go travelling and he bought an old cotijo in the Las Alpujarra region of Spain.
I read the book and wanted to visit this very special area of Andalucia.
And we were not disappointed!
First a coffee stop en route.
As per usual even the smallest villages have imposing churches and unfailing good coffee!

 Spain's vistas inspire and constantly enthrall us!

The little mountain villages have colourful local wares for sale.
Carpets and woollen items are a feast of colour!
Right up my street!

We love to look for all the pretty balconies and terraces.
This one was perched high above the gorge.

Local transportation!

Trevelez is the highest mountain village in Spain.
 It is famous for cured hams.
They are dried in the wind of the mountain and the slices we had for lunch convinced us of  their excellence.
 Delicious just sliced with bread and a small glass of Vino tinto!

The bars and restaurants are adorned by the hams hanging with their individual drip tray underneath.

Then after lunch it was on with the journeying.

Whitewashed villages hanging over the Poqueira Ravine.

One of the best things we have found whilst travelling here is that little gems are hidden everywhere.
And we really did find one on this trip. Tucked away in Orgiva is Casa Jazmin.
From the first glimpse.

To the garden beyond.

 To the touches in the bathroom.

Such a spacious bedroom.

With it's own private terrace.

And look what I woke up to this morning!
Breakfast all laid up in the garden under the lemon trees.

With a moorish blue staircase inviting you to come,

Once again the little touches!

The " Sporty One" approved too!

And what a breakfast with home made cakes,jam and fresh strawberries!

We did not want to leave and if ever you feel like finding a few lemons to drive over make for the Alpujarras.
You will love it just like us!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

O,J.O. --- Put them all together and I have found my Mojo!

Welcome back dear companion!
Suggestions to put away my hook and click a few needles has worked!

Ok! It went a bit like this.
Take 300grams of Wendy X- Treme.
(Best if like me you can find 600grams in a Charity shop for 3 Euros!)
Take 1 pair of 9mm needles.
Yes they are huge!
And quick and ideal if you fear your Mojo may go again at any given click!
Cast on 24 stitches.

Knit in garter stitch until your strip measures 36 inches or just over 90 cms.
About 41/2 inches or 12 cms from the end make 3 buttonholes evenly across your work.
I cast off on one row and cast on on the next row

Now we have a cowl!
Put your cowl on and mark where the buttons have to go to match the buttonholes you have just made!
You know you have got it right when the cowl makes a neat little point which will conveniently tuck inside your coat to keep you cosy and warm!
I wanted to use random buttons!

Now at times like this I know why my friend calls me Quirky. I don't mind. In fact I quite like it!
However, it is very hot here today and the sky is blue above the mountains. .
And what am I doing -- knitting woolly cowls.
Well, it's not me. It is that Mojo of mine playing tricks as it has of late!

As I said I am not in the least bit worried as we are off on an adventure this week.
The map is out.
The guide book ready and we are off to the Alpujarras.
And, NO, I am not taking my cowl with me!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Woohooo! I have found the "M!!" Now bring on the OJO!

Lovely comments about my last post and my loss of Mojo has made me feel more optimistic!

I really do understand the correlation between my Crafty/woolly pursuits and a feeling of serenity within me.
So, if I have not got a crafty project nearby I generally know I am feeling a bit out of kilter.
And, anyone who visits here at Chalky's World will know that this is definitely not the Status Quo!
Optimism and I usually have a happy relationship!

Well after reading the lovely comments I went in search of some needles rather than my trusted hook.

Big ones felt just right.
Chunky,soft,cuddly yarn felt even better.
Colours and hues reminded me of someone special.

All of a sudden I felt that the " M " in Mojo was here with me!

And the icing on the cake today came in the form of "W"
William is five months old today and he skyped us just before bedtime.

Well just about perfect really!

Friday, 18 May 2012

SOS ---- I have seriously lost my MOJO!

I have never lost my Mojo before!
I have searched everywhere and will continue to wait patiently but I hope it comes back soon!
I miss it so much!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Just a perfect day!

Unusual for a pretty perfect day to have no woolly stuff on the horizon!

Monday, 7 May 2012

We are off to our little Spanish house for a well deserved bit of rest and relaxation!
Just walking around our garden this morning the Apple Tree was saying it's most beautiful goodbye to us

Sadly the Tree Peony is still tightly tucked up.
So will miss her gorgeous display.

But the Aquieigia are just beginning to show their pretty bonnets.
I will have another look before we leave this afternoon!

And if you look closely there are some other little creatures eagerly awaiting them to open!

I won't show you the wonderful display of dandelions which have established themselves whilst we have been distracted with "Operation Broken House!"
Needless to say they will get their marching orders when we return at the end of June!