Monday, 12 March 2012

The perfect use for scaffolding!!

Welcome home!
Our Daughter has been travelling for 18 long happy months

 But we were even happier to see her arrive home.
This seemed the perfect use for our scaffolding!

                  Thankfully she is not too worried that she does not have a home to return too!!
When she has finished catching up with all her friends I am sure she will grab a paintbrush and help with making this building site a home again!


  1. What a happy day for you all - that's a long time away from home, I bet you're glad to have her back - I hope she had a great time!

    Gill xx

  2. A happy Mom to have her 'girl' home again, no doubt! 18 months is such a long time.

  3. Aww....welcome back to her!! So happy for you, too. Hugs :)

  4. Thank you lovely followers -- It really is lovely to know she is home and we can see her every day x


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