Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dreams and ideas for daisies. Maybe the perfect gift for Mother's Day or Easter!

Ever since my last post I have become a little obsessed with daisies!

With Spring, Mothers Day and Easter just around the corner all these little ideas with daisies came to mind.
To be truthful they seem to evolve just when I am trying to drop off to sleep which is a little annoying but never mind!
So,here goes.
One pretty pot and some cheerful narcissi.

One crochet band with 2 daisies and a button sewn on.

Fasten it up.

And pop it on the little pot just like a little sleeve.

It looked so pretty on my friends shelf!
The perfect way to say "Thank You"  for a lovely lunch.

And with that little sleeve in mind .
How easy to make a pretty little headband for a little girl on a Spring day.

My Dear Mother In Law has been a bit poorly lately and feeling more than a little blue.
So two more pots of narcissi ,a little wicker basket and some daisies in my version of a daisy chain.

We were really happy to see that cheerful basket by her chair.
Then I was reading in bed and ----

There was a perfect Book Mark.
An ideal gift for someone special!
Thoughts often turn to family times.
Meals where we can all gather around the table and a pretty serviette ring will make the Easter table look really pretty.

And as a centrepiece two six inch squares joined by two rows of double crochet.

You might wonder about the setting for the photos -- Well "Operation Broken House" with the Hairy Builders is no place for frippery just now!!
Actually it is always the right time for frippery and it made them laugh!

And coming back to my initial thoughts about presents the perfect finishing touch.

So just a few ideas about daisies.
I hope you like them as much as I do!
I have not put instructions for each little idea as this post would have turned into a tome but if anybody wants instructions for a particular item I will of course put them on -- my pleasure for my lovely followers new and old.


  1. All are gorgeous! I shall HAVE to learn to crochet, now :)
    X Hazelnut/ Alex

  2. "Everything's coming up daisies!" Lovely pick-me-ups, and a welcome bit of spring over here where the snow is still 2 feet deep!

  3. Thank you for such lovely comments x

  4. My daisy addiction grows! now Im off to make a jam jar cover with daisys on- thank you so much for the pattern, simply fab!

  5. Oh my goodness they are absolutely adorable - what a lovely lovely idea. 2 very good friends have little girls called Daisy and would love these. Do you have any spare that I could buy xxx

  6. lovely idea's Linda, I think my favourite is the daisy chain :)

  7. Oh! What a lovely lot you are -- Your comments make my days xx

  8. Anna please email me and I would willingly make you some for a donation to one of my favourite charities xx

  9. Hi there,
    My name is Carole & i found your blog from a link from Tangled Happy. Your Daisy pattern is fantastic, and i love that you have given ideas too. My Mum has just gone into a care home and i like your ideas for embelishing plants. thank you so much.
    Love Carole from Rossendale, Lancashire x

  10. They are so beautiful! Hope that you'll post how you did these pretty projects-- they are so sweet. Perfect for Spring (need that, we got almost a foot of snow this past Friday). :)

  11. Thank you so much for your kind comments -- neddlekrafter the pattern for the daisies is on the previous post. Please shout if there is anything in particular I can help with.
    Kindest Regards Linda


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