Thursday, 26 January 2012

A woolly Oasis!

My personal oasis is generally connected to wool in one way or another and lately I have been spending my evening quietly hooking Granny Squares!
A brilliant anecdote to "Operation Broken House!"
My Dear Daughter In Law, Charlotte must have known I would need some woolly cuddles as well as this is the beautiful blanket she made me to celebrate William'' birth.

The photo does not even do it justice but it is certainly amazingly cuddly,calming and welcome right now!


  1. The blanket your DIL made is amazing. Is there a pattern for that?

  2. What a lovely thing to do! It looks a beautiful personal blanket for snuggling under.

  3. Charlotte has made a beautiful blanket for you and you will treasure it as a momento of William's birth, I'm sure. I'm glad you've found an ANTIDOTE to OBH!;))

  4. Thank you for popping in and yes, I am thrilled with it. You can see some other lovely blankets of Charlotte's on her blog Sharky Knows.
    Jackie she made all the squares using the Jan Eaton 2oo squares book. It is a bit of a joke between us as I taught her to crochet but the student has excelled the teacher!!!

  5. That blanket is beautiful Linda, I love her choice of colours. :)

  6. Charlotte did a beautiful job with the blanket. What a lovely memento of William

  7. What a lovely keepsake of Williams birth the colours are gorgeous

  8. Thank you all -- it certainly will be one very special blanket for me!


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