Friday, 20 January 2012

Two extremes in my life just now!

Opposites and extremes!
I quite like juxtapositions.
Differences and changes.
The work on our house is moving forward at a cracking pace and the "Sporty One" describes it as a shambles!
But that shambles is an hour and a half away!
 Today I have been just enjoying spending time with William.
Getting to know him.
Getting to understand his expressions,his noises, his movements, and my favourite, just getting to know his smell.
That yummy smell that babies have!

We went for a long walk together this afternoon whilst his mummy and daddy managed to catch up on some sleep!
Bideford was busy and we managed to walk for a good while and William slept for the whole time!
So he missed looking at the river.


The stunts in the skateboard park!

The lovely Museum and the Craft Display.

And a little wander around the shops.

It doesn't matter as I am sure we will go again when he is a bit bigger and he can see it all then!
Now it really is the best time -- a bath!

And snuggle up ready for bed!

And the best bit about being a Grandma is you don't get a wake up call for the night time snack!


  1. What a gorgeous post. I have got a big smile after reading it. What a good boy sleeping so well. He did miss the big boys doing stunts at the skate park though...great photograph. I love baby blue on baby boys and noticed you had beautiful blue skies too. You and William are both very lucky to have each other :) x

  2. Wonderful post Linda. What a precious time you have with your grandson! I miss that wonderful baby smell, and the warm cuddles.

  3. You really are enjoying your beautiful grandson!

  4. Bless, he's beautiful! Bideford's not bad either lol ... :0)


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