Monday, 23 January 2012

This has to be the point of extremity!

I googled the definition of extremity!


  1. The furthest point or limit of something.

After a lovely few days in Bideford getting to know William I returned home to what I definitely think is our point of extremity with Operation Broken House.
I got my camera and you know what they say -- the camera never lies!
The house all wrapped and protected?

The first floor with the original upstairs back wall demolished.

The view out to the back garden from the first floor with the dining room ceiling removed!

The first floor.

The kitchen ceiling after it had a surprise visit from a lintel from upstairs. I am so glad I was not doing a spot of dusting in the kitchen!

In many ways the craziest picture of all.
The dining room where just a few short weeks ago we were celebrating Christmas!

The original wall between the back corridor and the shower room was load bearing but no longer so it has been demolished to create a new utilty room.

The view of the lounge door from the conservatory!

And the view to the first floor from the same spot!

The back garden

 Now I have been told that is the last of the demolition and it certainly has been extreme enough for me.
So now Operation mended house can begin but there is a small matter of rather a large pile of rubble to deal with.
Patio anyone?


  1. Errrrrrrrrm! May I ask where are you living at the moment?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Julie-- Thank you so much for popping in. Luckily we have a dear Mother who lives in the same village as us- She is 81 and so kindly agreed to put us up or should that read put up with us!!!!!!

  3. My word!! It is going to be great when it is done :)

  4. Thank you Knitting Nix-- To be honest it is so extreme you can't even worry about it! But I can't wait to start posting some constructive pictures!!

  5. oh, wow! That is extreme!! It will be quite an experience to see your 'new' home develop right before your eyes.

  6. OMG! I have to admit, I'd be feeling slightly nervous! ... ;0)

  7. My life! It is like the Bionic House...'We can rebuild it!' I take my hat of to you, it is the most extreme home makeover I have seen in my life, unless we are talking Hurricanes! I just know you are going to have it Peachy Perfect before we know it! ( Fingers crossed!)

  8. Wow! That might take a while!!! Looking forward to seeing the progress pics.

  9. My Hubby and I like to look at your pictures - he says you are very brave to take that work on - and we can't wait to see the progress. It will be lovely when it's done

  10. Thank you all so much, your comments are so encouraging. I will keep
    updating the photos as it is an amazing pictorial record for us!

  11. Don't mention patio to me - we had a bit of a nightmare with a cowboy patio build a couple of years ago. Hope you haven't employed the same builders!

  12. I see you are already the proud owner of one, but I have nominated you for 'The Versatile Blogger' award. xxx


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