Thursday, 5 January 2012

Buster is confused!

A bit of chaos and Confusion!

Buster has only known our house to be complete and normal, a real home.
 So today when he came to visit he was totally confused.
Everything has gone into storage after 25 years of life as we love it!

We are having a second floor extension built at the back of the house.
After a few years neglect and a few years gadding about the house is nearly grinding to a halt.
 So this is the long awaited project for 2012!
 Buster grabbed the last piece of carpet and just reflected,like me how things have been up until now.
The sledge hammers are ready,the scaffolding is up and the Conservatory is selling for 99p at the moment on Ebay!!

It will all be worth it Buster--- promise!


  1. Oh dear - poor Buster, but I'm sure you will all love it when finished
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Kc's Court -- how lovely to see you popping in to Chalky's World.

  3. Poor bewildered will all be worth it when his new playmate comes to stay when he is a little bit bigger :)

  4. Hope all your renovations are stress-free, and create just what you're dreaming of.....

  5. Good luck with it all! I hope you manage to sell your conservatory. We sold an old lean-to style one on ebay a couple of years ago and were surprised how much it went for. I can't remember the exact figure, but it was into 3 digits!


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