Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wooohhhhoooo!!! Whilst I was busy cuddling I reached 100 followers so it has to be a Giveaway !

 I have to admit to having  been distracted by the most gorgeous bundle ever!

He has met all the family and been the star attraction at the Christmas celebrations.
Especially with his Great Grandma.

And I had not lost my touch!

But when I popped back in to "Chalky's World" I realised that I had hit the magical 100 followers!
Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have popped into my little bit of Blogland and left such kind,encouraging comments.
So now down to business -- I love a celebration so let's all celebrate the big 100 with a giveaway.
I have been so beautifully distracted I have no idea what it will be but please leave me a comment and I will get my thinking cap on!


  1. He's adorable, and he looks wonderfully cuddle-able!

  2. Is your beautiful little man going to be a redhead or is it my imagination? Congrats on the 100 followers too :)

  3. Ohhhh, he is way too cute. I'd be spoiling him as well if he were my nephew or grandson. Hee

    Congrats on your 100 followers! Woot! :)

  4. Awww bless, so cute! Congratulations on reaching 100 followers ... :0)

  5. What a lovely bubba! My son was 9 pounds and 6 ozs so I can imagine how good your William looks... it's a great start on life! Wow! 100 followers... that's certainly a cause for celebration.

  6. Your Grand son is gorgeous and congratulations on 100 followers too :-)

  7. Linda he's gorgeous! I bet Christmas was full of cuddles!

  8. ooh he is lovely ! congratulations on all your followers !
    Happy new year as well
    Sue x

  9. Wow I have a lovely, soppy grin on my face looking at your gorgeous Grandson - best Christmas present ever I'll bet! Congratulations on your 100 followers too :)

  10. Oooh! He's absolutely adorable!!
    Love Christmas with babies!! Congratulations from Menorca

  11. Well obviously baby cuddles are far more important but 100 followers WOW WELL DONE YOU

  12. I am new to your blog, but happy to be here! I say you can't possibly cuddle enough!

  13. Congratulations on your new additions - the lovely baby and the magic 100th follower!

  14. So cute!

    Make that 101 followers just found your blog and love it!


  15. What a lovely blog! All those teddies enjoying a very happy little party.

    That is a gorgeous baby too, and reminds me of my little baby who is now 25 years old.Congratulations on reaching your 100 followers

  16. I know it's late, but I have been MIA
    A huge congrats to all!!!


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