Friday, 23 December 2011

Welcome to the world William Ivor Gilbert!

William Ivor Gilbert----  weighed in at 9lbs 12ozs.
He arrived at 8.20 on the 19th December 2011!

Well, William every second of the wait has been worth it!
Just Perfect and both your Grandma and Grandad have fallen totally in love all over again.
Only this time -- just with you!


  1. Wow what a beautiful Christmas 'Gift'. He is adorably cute...what a poppit. He is a very Big Boy! He is going to be a Wugby Player. My two were 5lb ers! I Love his name too William Ivor Gilbert. Congratulations. What a great post. xxx

  2. Congratulations William is adorable

  3. Congratulations! What a cutie!
    Will he be known as WIG ?????
    Happy Christmas!

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations! Hope Mom is doing well. The best Christmas present ever!!! Hugs

  5. Congratulations Linda he is so cute, what a lovely christmas gift, I am so pleased for you all, have a wonderful christmas. xxx

  6. William is gorgeous your family is so blessed to have this little wonder come to you at such a time in the year. .....


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