Monday, 5 December 2011

My final woolly exploit until the Baby is born!

Last night our son and daughter - in -law skyped us and there is certainly some practising going on by Baby Gilberto.
And he carried on flexing his muscles all night!
I remember the last few weeks of labour very well --- The ultimate waiting game!
So,I decided to be one step ahead and got this little fellow finished!

Maybe he will be called Sticklebrick to remind them of their waiting gmae.
 It sounds as if we will not have too long to wait to find out what our Grandson is to be called!


  1. Waiting is the hardest part, but knitting and crocheting at least might keep the mind and hands occupied for part of it. And look what cute things you create!

  2. Oh Teddy! He is cute. I thought you were making a 'Nelly' the elephant!

  3. So cute, cant wait to meet him... oh and the baby!

  4. I can't wait to bring him to meet the baby !!!!
    Thank you all for popping in.


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