Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Special Commission - A Stocking for Isla!

And a special stocking has been requested by her Mummy and Daddy!
It seems only a moment ago I was busy making these little puppies for their wedding.

They were stars of the show for the "littlies" at their wedding!

It is Isla's first Christmas and they wanted a special stocking that will become interwoven with her childhood memories of Christmas!
Now, in Spain, especially in the rural area where we live finding the materials to make a special stocking was quite a challenge.
Friends had no red material in their stash and the market had nothing Christmassy yet!
But, I was not going to give up and suddenly I remembered I had bought  a bright red jumper out with the intention of trying my hand at felting!

Well it really was a case of "Let's give it a go!"

I wanted to make a big stocking as I know how frustrating it is trying to squash everything in a tiny one!
 Can you see the jumper. I wanted the top of the stocking to have the rib as part of the decoration.

All cut out.

And, I like the garter stitch side for projects like this because I think it looks more kind of Shabbly Chic.

I had so much fun making it I actually did not take any more photos until the end. I somehow felt I was on a total roll, which was a great relief as I want to pop it in the post to the UK as soon as possible.
So let's have a look at the different parts of the stocking!

Crochet Snowflakes. My take on the ones by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.

"Isla! " worked in Binca with a plaited border.

And my favourite bit. Three Twirly Whirlies worked in the colours of Christmas 
and a bell added to top it off!
The " Sporty One "says this is a big mistake as it will wake little Isla up as it is filled by Father Christmas!
He may be right but it does look really pretty.

A little Crochet heart because she is so special and a reminder that this stocking was made with lots of love just for her!

And here we have it.

Hung on the bedpost and looking ready for the magic to begin!

Oh! I forgot to show you one thing.
I lined it with a stripey candy cane material.
Just in case there is something heavy to go inside and the date to remind her of her First Christmas!

I hope a satsuma fills the toe!


  1. I am sure Isla will love her stocking over the years. It is beautiful. :)

  2. What a lovely stocking, I'm sure it will be treasured for many many years to come
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Thank you all so much for popping in and leaving such lovely comments!

  4. That is really beautiful, Isla will treasure it for years and years and .... :-)

    Janis xx

  5. Thank you Janis. I hope she has a lovely life with memories of happy times So nice to see you popping i.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  6. Lovely stocking, Linda! I'm sure a satsuma will go in the toe; it just has to - it's tradition! Our latest granddaughter has one of those wonderful seat things that Isla is posing so beautifully in - there are so many great and very clever baby things about these days, aren't there? I suspect you may even have bought a few of them recently!


  7. Thank you Kathy-- Actually I have been really good. Keeping the lid firmly on my excitement as think otherwise I may go "POP!!!"

  8. It's beautiful, so much thought and love has gone into it :)

  9. Thank you Linda that is a lovely comment x

  10. One can see this is a stocking made with love for a special little girl. I'm sure it will always be treasured. Beautifully done.

  11. Thank you so much Suz.I really enjoyed making it!


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