Thursday, 17 November 2011

The "Sporty One" turns all Cheffy!

Sadly the "Sporty One" has a bad back!
But, every cloud has a silver lining and to prevent "Stir Craziness" setting in he has decided to take over the cooking this Autumn in Spain!
Thank you to all the blokes on Masterchef!
Cooking can be very manly!

The meals have been great and now we have moved into a new realm of yummyness!

Sporty Oven Dried Tomatoes!
Cut ripe tomatoes in half.
Chop 4 cloves of garlic and put on top of the tomatoes
Sprinkle with sea salt,pepper and dried Basil.

Place in a warm oven - 90 degrees Centigrade and leave for 5 hours.
The house smelled delicious.

And they looked gorgeous when they came out!

Pack in jars with some sprigs of fresh Thyme and top up with good quality Olive Oil.

This of course will not be wasted because apart from preserving the tomatoes the oil will be delicious to cook with afterwards.

Tart it all up with a gingham cover and label!
 Actually the "Sporty One" was not a bit interested in this bit.
I was allowed to add the totally unnecessary trimmings 
Well it has to be done for "Chalky's World!"

Now we can't wait to try them!


  1. Looks lovely, nice idea. Would work well in that Jamie Oliver recipe with the chicken!

  2. Lovely, what a great idea for the summer tomato glut. ( Next year of course).

  3. They look sooo good! Wish my DH would take over the cooking........

  4. I went to the fridge this morning whilst still half asleep and they brightened my day!
    Good look with the conversion Suz.
    In the sky I remember the picture of your wonderful tomatoes!
    Charles -- I bet you are ready for the weekend!


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