Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One Square can send your love all the way to Japan!

Disasters are terrible things and perhaps only stay in the Headlines for a short while!
The Earthquake in Japan.

Some of my lovely followers may remember we went to Japan earlier this year and eleven days after our return disaster struck!

Some time afterwards I was doing a little "Blog Hopping " when I found this wonderful site.

Wonderful people have been making toys and blankets in the hope that they will make a real difference.
I really believe they will.
A while back I sent some squares to Hawthorn and I have been watching her efforts collecting squares for blankets and toys for children to love!
Items which will bring a glimmer of hope to people who have lost everything!

Today I see that Hawthorn is asking for more squares and I wondered whether you would like to join in!
I hope you do.
Every square will make a difference and you can tuck lots of love inside!


  1. The trusty 6" -- Thank you for popping in!
    Love Linda


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