Monday, 28 November 2011

It's Great being a Great Auntie!

I am lucky enough to have 7 Great Nieces and Nephews but soon there will be ----

And the little one's Mummy thinks it is going to be a boy!
It is due in January -- not very long after little Gilberto.
So I had a break from dreaming about our Grandson's arrival, and had a little think about a Brand New Great Nephew!

A blanket big enough for a car seat or cuddle on cold January days when he is saying "Hello" to the world!
I love this pattern and have used it many times

If you want to enjoy it too here it is---
And if you are worrying it might be a little girl it looks just as pretty in pink!

Size 4.00 hook
I worked with Stylecraft Double Knitting yarn as it is so easy to wash and use.

Row 1 Ch 126, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across.
Row 2:  Ch 1 turn, (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in 1st sc, *Skip 3 sc, (sc, ch 3, 3dc) in next sc, Rep* across to last 4 sc,  skip next 3 sc, sc in lastsc.  (31 shells complete across)
Row 3:  Ch 3 turn, 3 dc in 1st sc, (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in each chain space across.  ending with sc in last space
Repeat row 3 approximately 55 rows or to whatever size blankie you require.
Last Row:  Ch 3 turn, 2 sc in ch-sp, *sc in sc, sc in next dc, skipnext dc, sc in next dc, sc in next ch-sp.  Repeat from * across tolast shell, do not skip middle dc of last shell.  (123 sc across)

Working in Rounds
Rnd 1:  Ch 1 turn, 3 sc in 1st sc, [ *sc in each sc,  rep *across,  3sc in last sc, * (3 sc in ch-sp, sc in sc) rep * across,  working infree loops of beginning chain, 3 sc in 1st ch, sc in each chacross,]  3 sc in last, Rep * around,   last round rep between [ ] .sl st to 1st sc, (changing 
colors here if using contrasting colors)
Rnd 2-3:  With white, ch 1, sc around with 3 sc in corners, sl st.
Rnd 4:  Ch 2, do not turn, *skip sc, sc, ch 2, rep * around sl st in1st sc.  
Rnd 5:  Ch 1, turn, sc in sl st, *sc in ch-sp, sc in sc around with 3sc in corners.  Rep * around.  
Rnd 6:  Ch 1, turn,  *(sc, ch 3, 3 dc) skip 3 sc, rep * around sl st to1st sc.  Finish Off

If you have any problems please email me and I will be only too glad to help


  1. He'll be cute and cuddly wrapped in layers of blue love.

  2. Thank you Suz-- It is a really nice pattern when you start your Crocheting Journey!
    Thank you so much for popping in.
    Love Linda

  3. aww thank you for your kindness my dear x

    i am so glad you dropped by because now i have had the pleasure of meeting your wonderful bears :) as well as seeing your gorgeous crochet. the blue blanket is beautiful! and it is so kind of you to share the pattern, i will certainly bookmark it as i recently heard i have a new little granchild on it's way. i will be following your lovely blog from now on too :)


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