Monday, 28 November 2011

It's Great being a Great Auntie!

I am lucky enough to have 7 Great Nieces and Nephews but soon there will be ----

And the little one's Mummy thinks it is going to be a boy!
It is due in January -- not very long after little Gilberto.
So I had a break from dreaming about our Grandson's arrival, and had a little think about a Brand New Great Nephew!

A blanket big enough for a car seat or cuddle on cold January days when he is saying "Hello" to the world!
I love this pattern and have used it many times

If you want to enjoy it too here it is---
And if you are worrying it might be a little girl it looks just as pretty in pink!

Size 4.00 hook
I worked with Stylecraft Double Knitting yarn as it is so easy to wash and use.

Row 1 Ch 126, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across.
Row 2:  Ch 1 turn, (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in 1st sc, *Skip 3 sc, (sc, ch 3, 3dc) in next sc, Rep* across to last 4 sc,  skip next 3 sc, sc in lastsc.  (31 shells complete across)
Row 3:  Ch 3 turn, 3 dc in 1st sc, (sc, ch 3, 3 dc) in each chain space across.  ending with sc in last space
Repeat row 3 approximately 55 rows or to whatever size blankie you require.
Last Row:  Ch 3 turn, 2 sc in ch-sp, *sc in sc, sc in next dc, skipnext dc, sc in next dc, sc in next ch-sp.  Repeat from * across tolast shell, do not skip middle dc of last shell.  (123 sc across)

Working in Rounds
Rnd 1:  Ch 1 turn, 3 sc in 1st sc, [ *sc in each sc,  rep *across,  3sc in last sc, * (3 sc in ch-sp, sc in sc) rep * across,  working infree loops of beginning chain, 3 sc in 1st ch, sc in each chacross,]  3 sc in last, Rep * around,   last round rep between [ ] .sl st to 1st sc, (changing 
colors here if using contrasting colors)
Rnd 2-3:  With white, ch 1, sc around with 3 sc in corners, sl st.
Rnd 4:  Ch 2, do not turn, *skip sc, sc, ch 2, rep * around sl st in1st sc.  
Rnd 5:  Ch 1, turn, sc in sl st, *sc in ch-sp, sc in sc around with 3sc in corners.  Rep * around.  
Rnd 6:  Ch 1, turn,  *(sc, ch 3, 3 dc) skip 3 sc, rep * around sl st to1st sc.  Finish Off

If you have any problems please email me and I will be only too glad to help

Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Special Commission - A Stocking for Isla!

And a special stocking has been requested by her Mummy and Daddy!
It seems only a moment ago I was busy making these little puppies for their wedding.

They were stars of the show for the "littlies" at their wedding!

It is Isla's first Christmas and they wanted a special stocking that will become interwoven with her childhood memories of Christmas!
Now, in Spain, especially in the rural area where we live finding the materials to make a special stocking was quite a challenge.
Friends had no red material in their stash and the market had nothing Christmassy yet!
But, I was not going to give up and suddenly I remembered I had bought  a bright red jumper out with the intention of trying my hand at felting!

Well it really was a case of "Let's give it a go!"

I wanted to make a big stocking as I know how frustrating it is trying to squash everything in a tiny one!
 Can you see the jumper. I wanted the top of the stocking to have the rib as part of the decoration.

All cut out.

And, I like the garter stitch side for projects like this because I think it looks more kind of Shabbly Chic.

I had so much fun making it I actually did not take any more photos until the end. I somehow felt I was on a total roll, which was a great relief as I want to pop it in the post to the UK as soon as possible.
So let's have a look at the different parts of the stocking!

Crochet Snowflakes. My take on the ones by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.

"Isla! " worked in Binca with a plaited border.

And my favourite bit. Three Twirly Whirlies worked in the colours of Christmas 
and a bell added to top it off!
The " Sporty One "says this is a big mistake as it will wake little Isla up as it is filled by Father Christmas!
He may be right but it does look really pretty.

A little Crochet heart because she is so special and a reminder that this stocking was made with lots of love just for her!

And here we have it.

Hung on the bedpost and looking ready for the magic to begin!

Oh! I forgot to show you one thing.
I lined it with a stripey candy cane material.
Just in case there is something heavy to go inside and the date to remind her of her First Christmas!

I hope a satsuma fills the toe!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A gorgeous bouquet for the special little lady in your life!

Every girl loves flowers!
But here we have a bouquet with a difference!
A bouquet made of socks!

Can you see them tucked amongst some artificial daisies?
All wrapped and ribboned and just waiting to be delivered!
So if you want to make a sock bouquet for someone special have a look here and have some fun!
I put a little label with a warning about the sticks holding the flowers just in case little fingers get inquisitive!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just quietly hooking !!

Calming, addictive and I love them!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The "Sporty One" turns all Cheffy!

Sadly the "Sporty One" has a bad back!
But, every cloud has a silver lining and to prevent "Stir Craziness" setting in he has decided to take over the cooking this Autumn in Spain!
Thank you to all the blokes on Masterchef!
Cooking can be very manly!

The meals have been great and now we have moved into a new realm of yummyness!

Sporty Oven Dried Tomatoes!
Cut ripe tomatoes in half.
Chop 4 cloves of garlic and put on top of the tomatoes
Sprinkle with sea salt,pepper and dried Basil.

Place in a warm oven - 90 degrees Centigrade and leave for 5 hours.
The house smelled delicious.

And they looked gorgeous when they came out!

Pack in jars with some sprigs of fresh Thyme and top up with good quality Olive Oil.

This of course will not be wasted because apart from preserving the tomatoes the oil will be delicious to cook with afterwards.

Tart it all up with a gingham cover and label!
 Actually the "Sporty One" was not a bit interested in this bit.
I was allowed to add the totally unnecessary trimmings 
Well it has to be done for "Chalky's World!"

Now we can't wait to try them!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sometimes making up your own patterns is NOT such a good idea!

A Definite Thumbs down for this "little" creation!
I was trying to be kind to the "Sporty One " by creating a nice cosy hat to keep him warm in January and February!

Sometimes making up your own patterns is really NOT a good idea!
I am off to get my trusty crochet hook to try and rescue this creation but I can guarantee the " Sporty One " wont be wearing it!
Well a few rows of single Crochet later there is a definite improvement!#

Now Girlie and a slouchy type hat!
What do you think?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Do You Fancy a Twirl?

Curly Wurlies
When I was a little girl and I had a new dress my dearest Stepdad would say 
"Give us a Twirl then!"
And, he always paid me just the right compliments even if he thought the creation hideous!
What a gem!
So these remind me of him!
I hope you find them as much fun as me.
Chain -- as many as you like.
I worked 20.

Turn,working back along your foundation chain row.
 In every chain stitch work 2 trebles..
40 trebles in total! 

I am holding all those trebles to attention!
Can you see the pattern -- 2 treble crochet stitches in each chain space.

Now it is time to relax and let the fun begin!
Let's have a twirl!

Tie the ends to neaten the twirls!

Ideal little projects for charity fairs.
Key rings,with colours to complement each person.


Or, if you fancy something really special--
What an amazing edging to a blanket!

What an amazing blanket my Dear Daughter In law has crafted!
Just now my little Grandson is popping into every corner of my mind --- and he is not even born yet!!

But what a wonderful curly whirly blanket is waiting to greet him!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Sometimes you do get the feeling that you do need to try something new!

A BIG project that will last a while and make you feel you have been on a long journey together.

A challenge and a commitment,.
Actually it results in one heck of a lot of sewing in woolly ends!

But, I am literally hooked!
I have seen these gorgeous Granny Circles that transform themselves into squares.

Well everything in my mind seems to be manifesting itself in shades of blue right now---- 
Only 5 weeks until our little Grandson is due to arrive in the world!
Now, as I have said before his lovely Mummy is busy making lovely snuggly blankets just for him.
Have a look here
So, although this is not for him, I seem to be seriously absorbed with all things blue!

I like this wool from Stylecraft.
It is soft yet hard wearing and nice to work with.
I had a look at a lot of patterns for these little squares but decided to just devise my own.
So here goes----
Abbreviations.---- htc. Yarn over hook.Hook through space pull loop should have 3 loops on your hook.Yarn over hook and pull through all 3 loops on your hook. You have completed your
 half treble crochet stitch
Here are a few pictures to help-- I hope!

Round 1. Chain 3 and join with a slip stitch to make a loop.
Round 2. Chain 2 .This represents 1 half treble crochet.Work 11 more half treble crochet stitches in the central space. You have 12 half trebles in all.

Round 3 - Work 2 htc in each space and join the round in your beginning chain stitch..You should have 12 clusters of 2 htc-- 24 stitches in total.

Next the pretty little circle is going to start its metamorphosis to a square!

Round 4. 2 chain (theses stitches at the beginning of a round always equate to your first hdc) .1 htc, 1 chain, 2 htc. This forms your first corner. Work 2 htc in the next 2 spaces and then work your 2nd corner. Work 2 htc in next 2 spaces and then work your 3rd corner and complete your round with 2 htc. Slip stitch in the top chain stitch.

Round 5 and 6.. Work the last 2 rounds in exactly the same way as round 3 but work 3 and then 4 clusters of htc between each corner.

I wanted to join the little squares as I progressed. I joined them with a ridge to add texture to the design.
This can be achieved by placing the wrong sides of the squares facing hook through the edges with a double crochet stitch.

This gives you this extra effect!


Sew in the ends of your wool as you complete each square. I can not imagine what a chore it would be to have them all to do at the end of your project.

Give your squares a good pull to make sure they are a good square shape.
By working with 2 balls of Navy and starting with a corner in your last round you can save joining the wool every time you want to add a square!
This will click once you start!

So where am I now on my journey?

I am not always committed to a "long journey!"
But, I thought " Am I fed up?
"Shall I turn it into a cushion cover?"
I am going for a Lappycuddlyghan at the very least!
I hope you are inspired to try my version of the Granny Sunburst!