Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Moses basket got a Makeover!

I guess that some people who follow my ramblings will have realised there is excitement in the air!

You might remember this post about this 
special Moses basket!
Well, with a bit of tweaking and some quiet hours making paper patterns and lots of sewing 
a new look has been achieved all ready for our little Grandson when he arrives in December!

It is waiting quietly in his Nursery in North Devon -- just for him!


  1. OH, you have made a lovely bed for this lucky new boy. I like the little bear quilt. December is not that far away, you must be getting so excited. Babies are wonderful.

  2. Very cute! Baby should sleep comfortably in his basket.

  3. Gorgeous!
    I have one just like that, and recovered it about two and half years ago for my granchildren!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Thank you all -- I think of his little family all the time x

  5. You've done a grand job, Linda!

  6. It's beautiful, Linda, and not too long until it's occupied by someone very precious!


  7. cant wait til he arrives to use his moses basked. Im working on an edging for the super soft fleece blanket you gave us at the weekend!

  8. Moses basket is a great way to remind us of the trials of the oppressed peoples and the savior through Moses.
    Thanks for post.

    Moses Baskets


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