Friday, 7 October 2011

ATutorial and a little bit of an addiction to lovely Granny Cushions!

Sometimes it is lovely to revisit a project!
Actually I can always visit a Granny Square!

To me, it is the epitome of Crochet!
Crochet soothes and calms,delights and inspires and to be honest makes me feel complete.
Like a good friend!
Like a good book!
Like a bar of chocolate!
Just something that I love for being a part of my life!
So, not long ago I tried a cushion for a very special little girl.
I was really pleased with it and it is now all wrapped up in paper for her birthday,
Then, when I was suffering a little bout of "Empty Hand Syndrome"
I thought of my brother and his wife and got hooking!

So here we have a Tutorial for a cushion cover.
Start with the Granny square.
 My tutorial here, but keep feeding it with hooky stitches until you have 21 rounds.

So that is the front of the cushion completed!
This time I decided to work the back in a different way.
Trebles of course.
I like projects which grow fast.

So, to make the back you need to make two parts.
One longer than the other to achieve a neat opening.
Start by making a chain with 76 stitches, add 2 chain for turning,this counts as the first treble in the next row.
Working in the chain two from the hook work 2 more trebles. This makes your first cluster of 3.
Miss 2 chains and then work a cluster of 3 trebles in the next chain.
Work along the row until you have worked 26 clusters of 3 trebles. 
Chain 3 and turn.
Continue in this way,making clusters in the middle chain of the cluster from the previous row.
Can you see where the hook goes in?

Work 1 part of the back completing 30 rows.

And a second part completing 15 rows.

Now it is compilation time.
Work with wrong sides facing each other.
Working with a contrasting colour and allowing for the overlap of the back work a double crochet stitch all around the cushion.
This joins the front to the back,

Also work across the envelope opening in the same double crochet stitch.
The finishing touch is to work another row of double crochet all around the cushion but adding a little picot edging.
This picot edging is.
 5 double crochets worked in 5 stitches in the previous row, then 5 chain and finish the loop by a double crochet in the same stitch 

I hope you can see exactly what I mean from the picture
I like to sew on the buttons next so that I get them evenly spaced.

And all that is left is to make the loops for the buttons and sew in the ends!
So working across the opening edge, double crochet until you get to a button then chain 6 .
Leave 3 stitches from your previous row to make the buttonhole loop

 Finish the row in Double Crochet and  making loops for all your buttons!
The Craft Fairy was sitting on my shoulder this morning look how much orange yarn I had lest at the end of the row!!!!!!

So sew in the ends!
Stuff with a pillow pad and here we have it.
Granny has a cushion Take Two!

I love the neat finish with  the buttons .
In fact I almost like the back as much as the front.
What do you think?

I hope this tutorial works for you.
Please shout if anything if anything is not clear.

Coffee,Cream and Maroon colours are winking at me now!


  1. I'm saving this post to read later. It's our Thanksgiving this weekend and family is descending on me so I must off and get cracking! Have a nice weekend, too. Hugs

  2. OH THANK YOU.....You just show me the picot edge just when I need it for my blankie.

  3. All that granny goodness is making my heart beat a little faster. Love the way you finish the edging off...can't wait to see your next colour combination!

  4. Oh wow! This pattern looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!


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