Monday, 26 September 2011

Thank you Sal and your lovely Snippetts!!!!!

I love the thought of Patchwork-- Choosing,blending,placing,balancing!
All these things.
In reality -- crooked, squiffy and irregular are probably better adjectives for my efforts.
Recently the lovely Sal from Sals Snippets gave me this little bundle.

All beautifully cut, very accurate and precise-- She always was good at Geometry!!
So thank you Sal.

So all I had to do was the bits I like best!
And stand back and admire.

And as the song goes -"quit while you are winning!" 
1 cushion done and dusted!


  1. Many times I've procrastinated about cutting into beautiful fabric because I worry that I will cut it all skew whiff! How nice to have your own cutting angel!...and you did put them together very nicely too!

  2. You're a woman of many talents! I've never tried patchwork - I somehow don't seem to have complete control of my sewing machine!


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