Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Loving This Lurking!!

Look what was lurking right at the back of the cupboard  under the stairs!

What a lovely basket!
I have decided the answer to a really tidy house is not to bother with the  "flylady" approach.
 But pack most of your possessions in cardboard boxes and stack them very neatly in the garage!
So much tidy space in the house.
And you get these little bonuses too!!

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  1. oh, yes. My boxes are still full in the basement from when I packed for putting the house on the market. Where did I find room for all of it? We're talking 30 boxes! Some are my art supplies and art books. My guest room now has room for guests. lol
    Just a note that your lovely little items are on their way to Oz. They should arrive just around the due date. Again, thanks ever so much!


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