Thursday, 1 September 2011

Granny has got a cushion!!

Oh! Granny Squares, I love You!

I have e very special God Daughter who has actually made herself a " Cosy Corner" with the presents I have given her at special times.
When she showed it to me she told me it is where she goes if she is feeling poorly or sad!
I was really touched as she is only seven!
So to give an extra layer of cosy cuddliness I have made this cushion for her special place.

24 rounds of a Granny Square.
3 Rounds of each colour.
And to top it off a pretty button in the middle.

For the back I worked 40 rows of trebles for the main part and 10 rows of trebles for the second part to make an envelope opening.

I worked crochet chains for ties and added a picot edging to finish it off.
I wanted it to be super squishy so bought a Duck Down pillow pad and ---
It really has done the trick.
A perfect addition to a very special little ones "Cosy Corner!"

If anyone wants any more details please ask and I think I will add a couple of extra ties when I look at that picture!


  1. Oh, what a special pillow to add a layer of squishy softness to her cozy corner!

  2. Very pretty colors! She will love it. I started making a cushion cover today too. It's a gift for someone who reads so I won't be showing it until it's been delivered.

  3. I'm sure your little god-daughter will be comforted when she's feeling poorly by resting her wee head on this lovely squishy cushion!

  4. Thanks for popping by -- Pammy Sue, hope yours turns out just as you are hoping!
    Suztats little parcel on it's way to you x
    Puppet Lady-- Hope the puppet making is going well x

  5. Everyone should have their own cozy corner shouldn't they? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a God Mother to furnish it with love. :)

  6. Thanks In The Sky! She is such a lovely little girl it is a pleasure to make things for her xx

  7. Don`t lose the teddies Chalky, they are so happy looking having their picnic.

    Going to try some of your flowers and little bags now that I`ve got the hooky bug.


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