Friday, 16 September 2011

Boxes of love! All packed and ready to go!

I have a list of projects pinned behind my cupboard door, things which are in desperate need of finishing.
Oh! How I love finishing things and I always have a lot to keep my mojo busy!
I love starting things, and suffer,at times with the dreaded " craft butterfly syndrome!"
But this week I have been busy packing boxes.

These 4 Lappycuddlyghans are on their way to a very good home!
My friends on the Charity Knitting Thread I belong to have been busy making squares and I have been busy turning them into the Lappys!

These lovely cuddly bits and pieces are on their way to Bonnie Scotland and Loving Hands Charity.

My dear Mother In Law who is 81 made these wonderful hats for Premature babies --- 86 hats. Isn't that amazing and I know they will make a big difference to those dear little babies- Thanks Mum!

And this assortment is winging it's way to Puppet Lady.

She works tirelessly for Operation Christmas Child and I hope these items will help fill the boxes and bring a smile to a little ones face!

So that is three more things crossed off the list.
Still quite a few to cross off!


  1. Wonderful to use your skills to help the less fortunate! Thank you for making a difference.

  2. Linda Golly blimey! I can't believe you have made all of these! Simply beautiful work. The Blankets are gorgeous and so is everything else.You'll be pleased to know also I chose your name for the Blanket thank you!
    lOVE sUEX

  3. My youngest was due on September the 4th 2004, but he chose to arrive on July 10th. I was so grateful for hand knitted hats that had been donated to the ward and tiny cardigans that would have fit a dolly. It is so hard to find cute warm clothes to fit someone the size of a pixie! Now even though he is one of the youngest in his year he is one of the biggest. You and your Mother in law are doing fantastic work. XXX

  4. This is all looking Great Linda! You have definitely been working hard!! Wish i could finish a few projects!! Dont seem to have the motivation!

  5. God bless you for such a big effort! These things will all be really appreciated by the people who get them.

  6. Thank you so much for all you do, Linda! You certainly have been busy, along with your dear Mother-in-law! We'll certainly make good use of the things you've made which will be popped with love into our shoeboxes.

  7. Wow, big pat on the back for you and your mother-in-law: such a thoughtful thing to do. xx

  8. All the projects are lovely, but it is especially wonderful to know that knitting/crochet can keep us going no matter our age. Lovely work from your Mum

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement! I think my Dear Mother-in - Law is just wonderful to keep on knitting and her efforts make such a difference!

  10. Linda, dear Linda,
    You have honestly brought tears to my eyes this morning. They were for SIBOL! I just cannot believe the parcel I received this morning. The Blankets are absolutely gorgeous, The Squares which the Ladies have made are just so wonderful too.
    i am absolutely over the moon I cannot believe they are for SIBOL, how terribly wonderful! Thanks to you and the Ladies, dear Ladies, what a bunch!
    just letting you know they have arrived and please now look out for the SIBOL web site!
    I can't send enough thanks to you and the Ladies!
    Love Suex

  11. So glad they arrived safely and you are so pleased XX

  12. Hello Linda, What lovely Crafty things! And all for good causes. Thank you so much for popping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I do hope you'll visit again. Warmest wishes, Sue x


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