Sunday, 4 September 2011

Another Disease. I hope you don't catch Scrapitis!

Do you remember these diseases?
Well, I have just been struck down by a new, and very time consuming disease called Scrapitis!
I have alerted the WCO -- Otherwise known as the World Craft Organisation!

I only realised that I was suffering from the symptoms yesterday.
I am trying to tidy and organise the dreaded "Black Hole," also known as the Understairs Cupboard!

Now, that would seem an easy task.
 But I am already totally addicted to all things "Crafty!"
Wool is my worst addiction but I also have a very soft spot for material.
 My old trusty Singer Sewing machine has been serving me well for 47 years!!!

The wool stash was soon organised and then out came a "Bag for Life" brimming with materials.
I have talked before that really I like finishing things best of all!
So,the symptoms of Scrapitis always get worse when you find things just crying out to be turned into something!

So,Big pieces of material shout "bibs!"

Medium pieces shout " shoe bags" perfect for shoes when you are travelling.
I also love them as soap bags.
Smaller ones are ideal for camera bits and pieces!

Small pieces shout " bunting!"
Pennants in every colour available!

Now, you would think after all this organisation it would be easy to throw out the remaining scraps.

But, no. I hear my Grandma's voice saying "waste not,want not" and of course the tiny pieces shout "Patchwork!"

Well, all this shouting is all very well, and the end results of all this tidying is to say the least thrilling. BUT, I must be the slowest tidier in the whole wide world!

And it's all because I really do suffer very badly from "Scapitis!"
Do you?


  1. It always puts my mind at rest to get a diagnosis. Thank you. xxx

  2. oh, yes, I'm infected, too! With being a threadophile, and suffering from laceitis as well, you can see I'm sick! ( I'm so glad there's no cure!) lol!
    Be careful, it's contagious.

  3. I've been under the 'craft doctor' for years too! I inherited some large bags of scraps a few months ago. Then a few weeks ago I was given some bunches of lavender from which I've now stripped the flowers. The next thing is to combine the two into lavender bags, which I've been meaning to do for weeks but haven't got around to yet!

  4. Oh I have missed the injections to stop this scrapitis and have been miss diagnosed for years.
    Perhaps Mr Singer or his Brother could assist me getting better. It's them or a lock in in isolation at the sweatshop to cure me.

  5. Well I have a feeling we are all willing addicts!!
    I really hope we enjoy the rehabilitation progress!
    Thank you for popping in!

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