Friday, 30 September 2011

Let's Play!! A Crochet Cube for the Toybox!

It does not take Long before a newborn is up and curious!

Certainly longer than it took me to turn these --

Into this!

A Crochet Cube!
I will show you the sides!

And the sixth is a bit special!
It has a pocket and I popped in a little finger puppet!

Ready for a game of Incy Wincy Spider!

Our little Grandson is due in 11 weeks  and we shall be ready to Play!

If you want to crochet one of these cubes make six identical squares.
Mine measure 15cm by 15cm.
I used half Treble Stitch which gives a nice dense feel.
Then decorate the sides with all your favourite things.
If you want to copy the Curly Wurly bits I chain 20,turn and work 2 Half Double Crochet stitches in each of the chain stitches in your first row.
It magically curls as you work and I think it will be just the the to encourage little hands to explore!

I promise to write a tutorial for the spider soon but I am so busy finishing Crafty bits and pieces at the moment it will have to be put on hold for a while!

Finally, if you could look inside you would see the perfect Crafty recycling project!
NB. If I was making this again I would sew all the squares together with wrong sides facing and then turn it the right way out just finishing the closing seam with stitches on the outside!
Still, I am sure the baby won't mind!

All my scraps of wool make it soft and cuddly as well as, I hope, 
Please shout if you want any more details.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Loving This Lurking!!

Look what was lurking right at the back of the cupboard  under the stairs!

What a lovely basket!
I have decided the answer to a really tidy house is not to bother with the  "flylady" approach.
 But pack most of your possessions in cardboard boxes and stack them very neatly in the garage!
So much tidy space in the house.
And you get these little bonuses too!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Thank you Sal and your lovely Snippetts!!!!!

I love the thought of Patchwork-- Choosing,blending,placing,balancing!
All these things.
In reality -- crooked, squiffy and irregular are probably better adjectives for my efforts.
Recently the lovely Sal from Sals Snippets gave me this little bundle.

All beautifully cut, very accurate and precise-- She always was good at Geometry!!
So thank you Sal.

So all I had to do was the bits I like best!
And stand back and admire.

And as the song goes -"quit while you are winning!" 
1 cushion done and dusted!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


The "Sporty One " and I work together on BIG projects and ------ a very big project is looming!
It entails a lot of organising,planning and our house being without a roof for 10 weeks or more-- EEeeKKKK!
Anyway,a lot of boxes are being packed and a lot of hidden places tidied.
It's easy for him as the garage is staying the same but my Crafty hideaways -- Oh my goodness no!
We have to move into our DMIL'S  house for at least three months whilst our house is shaken and stirred!!

We have lived in our house, in our village, with our family for nearly twenty five years but all is about to change.
I will keep you updated as we progress -- I am even thinking about creating a new blog titled
 " Our Broken House!"
We shall see!
Anyway, amongst all that drama look what I found lurking on the top shelf of the airing cupboard.
All alone with some odd socks and a Mary Quant quilt set!
A Lappycuddlyhan I made so long ago I had forgotten it!

The perfect present for a pretty perfect Mother-In -Law (Soap opera watching excluded)
What a find!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A little relapse -- Scrapitis does not want to leave me!!

You may have read this post about my problem with "Scrapitis!"
Well I thought I had fully recovered from the latest bout!
But just as I was breathing a sigh of relief "The Sporty One" came downstairs with some shirts that he was taking to the Charity Shop!
There in his arms were two of my favourites.
Favourites to look at but not to iron!!!!
Pure Linen.
One in pink and one in green.

Here is the green and within five minutes this was the pink!

So Green,pink,green,pink and look what I had made!

I purposely cut them with pinking shears.
I sewed two together but did not turn them inside out.
I wanted a shabby look and loved the glimpses of detail which showed their origin!

They look really soft and utilitarian, exactly the look I was after!
So if you see some linen shirts watch out for a bout of scrapitis!
I would just like to say a big "Thank You " for all the kind comments about my parcels of love!
So Glad they arrived safely and they had lots of love tucked in!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Boxes of love! All packed and ready to go!

I have a list of projects pinned behind my cupboard door, things which are in desperate need of finishing.
Oh! How I love finishing things and I always have a lot to keep my mojo busy!
I love starting things, and suffer,at times with the dreaded " craft butterfly syndrome!"
But this week I have been busy packing boxes.

These 4 Lappycuddlyghans are on their way to a very good home!
My friends on the Charity Knitting Thread I belong to have been busy making squares and I have been busy turning them into the Lappys!

These lovely cuddly bits and pieces are on their way to Bonnie Scotland and Loving Hands Charity.

My dear Mother In Law who is 81 made these wonderful hats for Premature babies --- 86 hats. Isn't that amazing and I know they will make a big difference to those dear little babies- Thanks Mum!

And this assortment is winging it's way to Puppet Lady.

She works tirelessly for Operation Christmas Child and I hope these items will help fill the boxes and bring a smile to a little ones face!

So that is three more things crossed off the list.
Still quite a few to cross off!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Giveaway ready to be posted to -----------

Thank You so much for joining in the fun here at Chalky's World Birthday Giveaway.
I gave each comment a number and popped them in a bowl and comment number 11 was the first I picked out!
So, I do declare Bluebell to be the winner but again "Thank You " for accompanying me on my Blogging Journey!!
So,Bluebell please email me your address and a little box of goodies will be on it's way with lots of love from 

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Wow! I have been rambling for 2 years! 

Right now would seem the perfect time to say a big "Thank You" to all the lovely people who pop in and have a little ramble with me!
"Thank You" to the very kind folk who leave such lovely, encouraging comments and also "Thank You" to the people who just follow, and who tell me personally that "Chalky's World" brightens their day.
It certainly brightens mine!

I don't think I could ever change the Teddy picture in the Header Bar.
I only have to look at it and the teddies still make me smile!

So after a gradual recovery from "Scrapitis!" I thought that all that hard work and succsessful tidying could be put to good use, and become the basis of my Birthday Giveaway!

I love packing boxes, and I thought for every comment that is left on this Birthday post I would pop a little something from "Chalky's World" in the box.
Then I will wrap it with a pretty tie and send it on it's way with lots of love from ME!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Another Disease. I hope you don't catch Scrapitis!

Do you remember these diseases?
Well, I have just been struck down by a new, and very time consuming disease called Scrapitis!
I have alerted the WCO -- Otherwise known as the World Craft Organisation!

I only realised that I was suffering from the symptoms yesterday.
I am trying to tidy and organise the dreaded "Black Hole," also known as the Understairs Cupboard!

Now, that would seem an easy task.
 But I am already totally addicted to all things "Crafty!"
Wool is my worst addiction but I also have a very soft spot for material.
 My old trusty Singer Sewing machine has been serving me well for 47 years!!!

The wool stash was soon organised and then out came a "Bag for Life" brimming with materials.
I have talked before that really I like finishing things best of all!
So,the symptoms of Scrapitis always get worse when you find things just crying out to be turned into something!

So,Big pieces of material shout "bibs!"

Medium pieces shout " shoe bags" perfect for shoes when you are travelling.
I also love them as soap bags.
Smaller ones are ideal for camera bits and pieces!

Small pieces shout " bunting!"
Pennants in every colour available!

Now, you would think after all this organisation it would be easy to throw out the remaining scraps.

But, no. I hear my Grandma's voice saying "waste not,want not" and of course the tiny pieces shout "Patchwork!"

Well, all this shouting is all very well, and the end results of all this tidying is to say the least thrilling. BUT, I must be the slowest tidier in the whole wide world!

And it's all because I really do suffer very badly from "Scapitis!"
Do you?