Thursday, 18 August 2011


Serenity ---
The state of being calm,peaceful and untroubled.

A little bit.

A little bit more.

 So nearly there.


For me!


  1. Stunning and perfect. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful! Can see where the serenity comes in to play!

  3. Thank you so much for popping in -- Those photos were taken whilst visiting the White Mountains --- Now we are off to Boston,Vancouver then the long flight home -- So no more peace for a little while. But I have popped those images in the "memory banks!" I think I shall be tapping into then as we taste a little city life!

  4. I dont know how you have found time for all the photo taking and enjoying your holiday in between all the facebooking and blogging!!
    Enjoy your last week and safe travelling!

  5. Gosh we have had such a lovely mixture of seeing so much but some chilling as well. There has been wi-fi in every room with a really quick connection. We are too old for 24 hour on the go like you youngsters!!!!!

  6. Ahhh... Looks quite peaceful. Headed to our little cabin by the lake this coming weekend for a much needed get away. Hoping to find some serenity! Wishing you a happy weekend.


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