Sunday, 28 August 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Burp or Dribble we have it covered!

Anyone who has had a baby knows how important burping is!
Any trapped wind can lead to really sad crying!
And, of course young babies are often a little sicky.
 You soon realise your shoulders become the exact target especially when you are just about to go out!
So Muslin sheets become your very best friend.
I was doing a bit of "blog hopping" and found this wonderful idea.


Well when we were in America I made a beeline for the nappy section and I have spent such a happy day making this little set!

All folded and ready to go!
But, let's have a closer look at the ones I made.
Three with Hungry Caterpillar fabric!

And three with pirates!

It is only 16 weeks until our Grandson is due to arrive .
Of course he won't burp,dribble or be sicky but he can enjoy looking at the pictures!!
The fabric came from Ebay in case you want to make some.
I have not found pre-folded nappies in the UK but I think they would be good with soft teatowels
or small Guest Towels.

So Thank You Chickpea for such a brilliant tutorial.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Home again,home again, Jiggetty Jog!

Wonderful memories of a happy time in America!
Day 1 for Ben and Sarah!

And, Thank You Canada.

Such a special visit, and day 12,735 for us!!

Now, it's time to fly home and I hope the flight goes as smoothly as everything else has!

And, I promise normal service will be resumed as soon as we recover from the dreaded jetlag. 
Because of course a little bit of wool had to be rescued as we were having such a lovely time!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Serenity ---
The state of being calm,peaceful and untroubled.

A little bit.

A little bit more.

 So nearly there.


For me!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Trip Advisor, Woolworth's, Bethlehem and sleeping in Cary Grants bed!!

Trip Advisor is my "Bible" for travelling!
It rarely lets me down and right now it has certainly come up trumps!!

The irony of travelling to Bethlehem today had not escaped me.

It became more and more ironic for a "Devonshire maid" to leave Falmouth (in the USA) and on our journey pass Plymouth, Barnstaple, Truro, Lincoln, Weymouth,Braintree Londonderry,Derry and Lebanon.
We arrived in Bethlehem in the pouring rain and found ourselves at the Mulburn Inn on Main Street .

We had booked for four nights at the Inn hoping to do lots of walking in the White Mountains.
We soon realised we were in a rather marvellous time warp!

At the turn of the century Bethlehem was one of America's premier resort destinations.
It boasted sixty grand hotels and three stations with ten trains a day arriving from New York and Boston.
Now it is no bigger than a sleepy mountain village.
The wealthy and famous flocked to the White Mountains to enjoy the crisp mountain air.
The Mulburn Inn was built at the turn of the century as the summer estate for the F.W.Woolworth family.

Social gatherings often occurred here for the rich and famous.
The Woolworth Estate was a popular social gathering spot for members of high society.
The Rockefellers and other social elites frequently visited.
We are staying in the Adams Room where Cary Grant and Barbara Hutton spent their romantic honeymoon!

The details are amazing!

And I am sure Cary Grant will have used this very Art Deco bathroom!

So tonight we shall sleep,maybe dreaming of Cray Grant and
 in the morning, after a breakfast, which is no longer cooked on the gift to the family from Thomas Edison in 1924.

We will sit on the porch and think of an era past and plan our day.
Hopefully the sun will have returned to show the White Mountains around Bethlehem off to their best!

What a treat!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Martha's Vineyard- A real treat!

In the 17c a Mariner named Bartholomew Gosnold  found wild grapes on this island and named it Martha after one of his daughters.
Prior to 1640,3000 Wampanoag Indians lived on the island.
Yesterday we added to the swelling summer numbers when we went to visit.
And what a treat we were in for!

Even a reminder of Buster back home!

Sunday mornings in my childhood were spent sitting "on best behaviour" next to my Grandma in the Methodist Chapel in Newton Abbot.
She never touched a drop of alcohol,prayed on her knees by her bedside until she died and would never do any work on a Sunday!
So, I had read about the "Gingerbread Houses" of Martha's Vineyard and that was our first stop.

These little cottages,numbering around three hundred, look like they are straight out of a Hansel and Gretel Story Book.
In 1835 the Methodist Camp Meeting began holding summer revival meetings here.Originally the members set up camps but as the revivals grew more popular the tents were replaced by these cottages which were adorned with extra decorations every year!
They are still lived in, but one has been changed into a Museum.
I remember our family Bible being exactly like this one.
 All the important family dates were written inside the cover!

A hand sewn quilt depicting the flora and fauna of the states of America.

Services are still held in the Tabernacle which was built in 1879.

And I had to just step in the Methodist Church built so long ago!

I only had to close my eyes and I could hear my Grandma singing one of the many John Wesley hymns she loved so much!
So more than a little walk down memory lane.
And a very beautiful day.