Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Blanket Whisperer!

Not my natural waking time, but this morning I heard a whisper in my ear!
It was just after five and it would not be ignored!

Now, I am so glad I climbed out of bed and picked up the latest
"Kiss the Geezers!" project!
Knit Your Square To Give Your Share Emergency Squares!
Became Kiss the Geezers and it makes me smile!
So, some squares have popped through the door and after some real hookiness they have been transformed here at " Chalky's World" into the second blanket for charity.

What a contrast in colours but it really does work!

A simple, pretty edging to tie it all together!

And a little smile, a reminder of how it makes me feel!

Now with that blanket whispering tamed I must go and take my very own Geezer a cup of tea so that he can start his day!
The latest Lappycuddlyghan will be on it's way soon!


  1. I love the addition of the smile! Very cuddly blanket. It's sure to be loved. Hugs

  2. You've done another great job, Linda - but at 5 in the morning?! Now I know how you get so much hooky business done!


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