Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's As Easy As 1,2 3 !! A Weetabix Cake! Delicious!

Perhaps I am the only one, but, I seriously have a love, hate relationship with Weetabix!
It's a bit of the " I know you are good for me BUT I hate you!!!"
However this cake recipe really works and I have even adapted it for my laziest moods.
No need to get the scales out .
Just a trusty mug!

So here we have it -- 3 cakes. 
1 to eat, and 1 to share, and 1 to give away!
Add to that the smug feeling you get when your oven is seriously full of cake.

Step 1 -- Take 3 bowls and add 3 Weetabix to each.

Step 2 --- Add I mug full of milk. 1 mug full of dried fruit and 1 mug full of sugar( any kind) to each bowl.
Give a good stir and leave for at least 2 hours but can be left overnight!

Step 3 -- Add 2 beaten eggs.Stir well
Add 1 mug and a half full of Self Raising Flour. 
Optional -- You can add 1 Tsp of mixed spice mixed with the flour
 Pour batter into tins and cook for approximately one hour.

Check that the cake is cooked in the middle by inserting a skewer -- It should come out clean!

So that is it 3 Cakes created with 3 easy steps!
 So all that is left to do is just sit back, count to 3, and enjoy!

Fat free,delicious and sooooo easy!


  1. I like weetabix anytime with the darkest brown sugar and cold milk!
    I'll give the cake ago
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Easy peasy what time should I pop round? ;)

  3. KC'sCourt -I hope you like the cake and "In the Sky" -- How I wish you could pop around and show me your beautifully spun wool!
    Thank you both for popping in!

  4. I can't believe this recipe, so I really will have to try it. I assume your "Weetabix" is the same as our "Weetbix" and give it a go

  5. Sounds delish! Wish I milk for me, sadly.

  6. This is a must try sounds and looks delicious mmmm


  7. I'll try this the next time I can find some Weetabix! When (if) I do find it here in France, I'll post my recipe for a cake that tastes just like malt loaf. My favourite way to eat Weetabix is to take the biscuits straight from the box and spread butter on them; something my Mum introduced me to when I was little! Delicious!


  8. mmm will have to try that !
    Sue Vintage from the Village

  9. Need to try this one out, sounds so easy – off now to find some Weetabix which are not common over here in Germany (as in France as Kathy sais)

  10. I have a similar recipe using allbran, would you like it?



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