Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Latest Obsession -- beautiful bibs!

I remember it well!
Two great nieces have been born recently and whilst doing some "blog hopping" I saw these pattern for a lovely bib!
Thank you to Chickpea sewing studio!
Well. I like getting out the machine now and again and I made a start.
I enjoyed it so much I did not stop for ages and ages,but, you can never have too many bibs can you!

 One of the new baby girls is called Devon.
 Her Mummy comes from Devon and I thought one of these would be perfect for when she comes to visit her Grandma by the sea!

I just love this material with the little boy playing with his dog by the waters edge with Beach Huts in the background!
Perfect for mopping up after an ice cream on the beach!
One in a  lovely flowery print - so pretty!

The softest fleecy material on the back.

A bigger size for bigger mopping up jobs!

The quilted back makes it super absorbent but still very soft!

So, some packed up to send,and some in waiting for a dear friend's new Grandchild who is expected any day now!

And of course two were packed in the little bags which went with us to North Devon at the weekend!

I hope you feel inspired to make some.


  1. I love your bibs, they are so cute and functional. I had a thing about bibs with both of my boys, they wore them nearly all the time (They both dribbled a lot and soaked their tops! lol) so I liked to have cute comfortable bibs. I was very particular about them! I also had to have very easy fastening as often you are putting a bib on quickly or with one hand. I never used the tie up bibs. You are quite right you can never have too many 'Good' bibs. Yours are beautiful. Especially the little beach ones.

  2. Your bibs are so cute! I was looking at terry cloth ones today, wondering about tatting around the edges to add a bit of hand-made lace. Haven't made up my mind yet.

  3. Hello to In the Sky and Suztats- Thank you so much for your kind comments. I love the beach ones too!
    I put velcro on the fastenings for ease! I remember too well what a struggle it was sometimes with a squirming hungry baby!
    Suztats please put a picture if you decide to do some gorgeous adornments on your bibs!
    Love Linda

  4. Your bibs are really sweet, Linda. How clever you are at all sorts of crafts! I really love the 'beach' material - where did you find it? Congratulations on the two new great-nieces. I'm sure you'll be teaching them how to knit and crochet when they're older!

  5. These are beautiful, I wish i'd had some of these when mine was little.


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