Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm Loving IT! A few grams with a difference!

It is not an addiction!
Well if it is I don't want a cure! EVER!
I just love wool.
It reminds me of everything , well everything wonderful, just wool!
I am not a snob in any shape or form.
I do not need, or desire a posh car. The evidence can be seen here.

How we love the Sunshine Bus!
I do not desire an I Phone!
My trusty Nokia is just fine!

I hate clutter and have got to that age where the words of William Morris spek to me very loudly!

Have nothing in your house that you do not consider to be beautiful or useful!

 Charles from Sharky Knows understands perfectly and says to my son "Your Mum is the easiest person in the world to buy for. Get her some wool!" I know this makes me a present buying, nightmare, for some people.

 BUT I don't get that at all!
Does he listen --- sometimes x
Well I usually use this wool.

Stylecraft. It is reasonably priced,comes in a wide range of colours,washes beautifully, is nice to work with and gives just the right amount of cuddliness!

I usually buy wool from a lady in my local Wool Shop.
She has what could be described as -- A bib and braces approach.
I did once ask this Devonshire,former market trader for Debbie Bliss, but only once, her hrrmpphs could be heard down the street!
However, she is incredibly helpful and has a wonderful stock, of what I would call, everyday wool, so we get along just fine.
However sometimes the call of wool pulls me further afield.

I  loved working with this beautiful yarn -- It must be that Japanese influence again.

I have just posted about this sherberty beautiful yarn!

Using it for my new Great Niece's Birthday gift made a blanket full of softness and warmth.
And yesterday I found myself with my Dear Mother In Law in a very beautiful Wool Shop.
 Once I had stroked this ball it just had to come home with me!

So no, never a snob about buying expensive things because they are expensive but just simply because they feel so beautiful.
The softest hats for the softest heads!

And the softest bootees for the softest little feet!


  1. Lucky you to have a local wool shop! There aren't that many left, not in my part of the world. I love that Noro wool as well, used it to make my 'recyled' cardigan recently - it was a poncho before that!
    Even though we don't have a wool shop near by I'm always coming home with odd balls for puppets - from charity shops, mostly! I was caught red-handed the other day by OH with 3 new balls!

  2. Nice post, i like the colours of that Noro wool!! Its so hard to find inexpensive nice wool at the moment!!

  3. What's the blue/teal that you made the baby hats with?

    I've never tried stylecraft special, but I have once used their 'life' yarn and that was nice. I can't imagine the special one would be much different.

  4. I think we are all addicted. I think its a real shame that they have closed down. But whats new lately? Everything else seems to be doesn't it?
    I miss the colour charts too we used to get through the post with the samples of yarn. I love the colour of your knitting, enjoy! x
    hUGS sUEX

  5. Hannonie-- I am so glad you asked me that because I would never refuse information to a lovely follower. For some reason ( excitement probably )
    I was so keen to get knitting the ball wrap got lost. So the answer to that is to go and buy another ball for research purposes obviously!!
    Thank you all for your continued support of life in Chalky's World!
    Love Linda

  6. You are lucky to have a wool shop that is local and not a chain store. Boy you have been busy. Is this a crafty Grandmother in overdrive '-) Love the projects

  7. How lovely to have a wool shop near you! Lucky lady. Mind, it probably would hurt my pocketbook even more if I lived anywhere near one.

  8. Thank you all for popping in and leaving such lovely comments. I must be spoilt and don't know it as there are quite a few independent wool shops near me( They eat the pennies!) and I love them all in different ways!


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