Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Buster chose the Giveaway Winner after his walk!!!

Buster and a Giveaway
It's 2 years since our daughter and her partner first brought Buster to meet us.
He has become really special to the whole family and he has come for a holiday with us whilst his owners wing off to Turkey for a well deserved rest!
He has certainly grown and he gave us the perfect excuse for a walk in our village.

Past Cottages and pretty Gateways.

Up to the Village Green and Pond Meadow.

Past some of my favourite corners.

And Back home in time for a treat BUT no ordinary treat.
Treats numbered 1 -- 16.

The same number of lovely folk who left a comment on my Giveaway Post.
He ate number 14 first.

Mrs Twins is declared the winner by Me and Buster!
And for being such a good decision maker the "Sporty One" gave him number 8 as a reward.
 That matched the comment by Charles. 
How brilliant, we are seeing Charles this weekend so I will tuck a little something from " Chalky's World" in the car for her -- Buster is coming to visit too!
 What fun I have had this morning thinking of Mrs Twins as I packed THE BOX!
Here it is all ready to go!

The only problem is the village Post Office shut down many years ago.
So, I have to leave our pretty village and head to town!
As for Buster he soon did what all good doggies do -- Had a rest!
All that choosing is quite tiring!



  1. Oh goodness me what a surprise!
    What a wacky way of finding a winner! :)
    OOh I can't wait, thank you soooooo much dear Buster and you of course Linda!
    Love and thanks Suex

  2. congrats to the winner.
    I love your village pictures, but I'm highly jealous that your grass is green and not patchy and straw-like like ours over here!

  3. Mrs Twins I am so glad you have popped in to see the good news! In my profile I tell of a very good friend describing me as quirky and now I think it must be true as you think me wacky! I love both descriptions and glad that I am not boring. Parcel will be on its way ASAP X
    Hannonie --- I hope the rain falls on you soon and thank you again for joining in the fun
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. Such a deserving winner! Well done Mrs Twins, I'm sure Linda has some lovely treats in store for you Sue, and they won't be dog biscuits!

  5. Janet -- That makes me want to open the box and put some in!!!!!
    Love Linda

  6. Well deserved, Mrs Twins. You are truly a worthy winner!

    Linda, Buster looks gorgeous!


  7. Congratulations Mrs Twins, how exciting. How good of Buster to select the winner. Very cute photographs of Buster and his travels :)

  8. Congrats to the winners! Woot! :) And look at those oh so cozy photos. Would give anything to sit there and enjoy a real cuppa. Hugs!

  9. I just come over from Lucy in the sky and love your blog! What a pity that I am late, but I just love how Buster chose the winner :-)

  10. Lucky Mrs Twins! Novel way to choose a winner. BTW did Buster eat up all sixteen 'bickies'? Hugs

  11. Hi everyone-- Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.Buster is enjoying his holiday and is enjoying a couple of biscuits a day! He had Number 8 for doing such a good job at choosing a winner after he chose the winner!

  12. Congratulations to Mrs Twins on winning your give away. I hope Buster enjoys his treats. Lovely pictures as usual Linda



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