Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm Loving IT! A few grams with a difference!

It is not an addiction!
Well if it is I don't want a cure! EVER!
I just love wool.
It reminds me of everything , well everything wonderful, just wool!
I am not a snob in any shape or form.
I do not need, or desire a posh car. The evidence can be seen here.

How we love the Sunshine Bus!
I do not desire an I Phone!
My trusty Nokia is just fine!

I hate clutter and have got to that age where the words of William Morris spek to me very loudly!

Have nothing in your house that you do not consider to be beautiful or useful!

 Charles from Sharky Knows understands perfectly and says to my son "Your Mum is the easiest person in the world to buy for. Get her some wool!" I know this makes me a present buying, nightmare, for some people.

 BUT I don't get that at all!
Does he listen --- sometimes x
Well I usually use this wool.

Stylecraft. It is reasonably priced,comes in a wide range of colours,washes beautifully, is nice to work with and gives just the right amount of cuddliness!

I usually buy wool from a lady in my local Wool Shop.
She has what could be described as -- A bib and braces approach.
I did once ask this Devonshire,former market trader for Debbie Bliss, but only once, her hrrmpphs could be heard down the street!
However, she is incredibly helpful and has a wonderful stock, of what I would call, everyday wool, so we get along just fine.
However sometimes the call of wool pulls me further afield.

I  loved working with this beautiful yarn -- It must be that Japanese influence again.

I have just posted about this sherberty beautiful yarn!

Using it for my new Great Niece's Birthday gift made a blanket full of softness and warmth.
And yesterday I found myself with my Dear Mother In Law in a very beautiful Wool Shop.
 Once I had stroked this ball it just had to come home with me!

So no, never a snob about buying expensive things because they are expensive but just simply because they feel so beautiful.
The softest hats for the softest heads!

And the softest bootees for the softest little feet!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Best Scan Picture Ever!

More than a little excited to say that a little one is joining the family in Dec!
The lovely Charles from Sharky Knows and our Dear Son made us very happy Grandparents to be this week!

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Finishing Fairy has worked some magic!!!!

Butterfly Brain = A lot of projects in progress.
Most of all I love choosing projects-- I love starting new things-- I love buying new wool!
I like to have a variety of projects on the go.
Sometimes it is soooooo good to have a real bash at finishing things!
"Pyjama Days" are brilliant for this task but the "Sporty One" considers lazing in ones PJ's  not really working, no matter how much Crafting I do!
So the Finishing Fairy was needed and she helped me with such a lot!

These little booties are my all time favourites!

Do you want me to send the Finishing Fairy to you next?

Thursday, 16 June 2011


All has been quiet down the lane near where I live!
No email from the lovely Steph to say she wanted some more prickly,woolly friends!
So, I just thought all the " littlies" had probably chosen their "Henry" or " Henrietta!"
and the Hedgehog Hospital was busy looking after the baby hedgehogs they have to hand rear.

 or who have been injured!

Steph has been supporting my Charity efforts over the last three years and this week she emailed to say she needed another 30 hedgehogs!
Well! My needles have been clicking and a prickle of hedgehogs are ready for delivery!

So the pennies from Hippy!


or Hayley

 help so much with postage and wool costs involved in supporting the wonderful charities I love helping.
So, once again it's "Thank You " to Steph for selling these little fellows in her shop at The Hedgehog Hospital just down the lane!

Please call in if you are on holiday and see if you can spot your favourite!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Buster chose the Giveaway Winner after his walk!!!

Buster and a Giveaway
It's 2 years since our daughter and her partner first brought Buster to meet us.
He has become really special to the whole family and he has come for a holiday with us whilst his owners wing off to Turkey for a well deserved rest!
He has certainly grown and he gave us the perfect excuse for a walk in our village.

Past Cottages and pretty Gateways.

Up to the Village Green and Pond Meadow.

Past some of my favourite corners.

And Back home in time for a treat BUT no ordinary treat.
Treats numbered 1 -- 16.

The same number of lovely folk who left a comment on my Giveaway Post.
He ate number 14 first.

Mrs Twins is declared the winner by Me and Buster!
And for being such a good decision maker the "Sporty One" gave him number 8 as a reward.
 That matched the comment by Charles. 
How brilliant, we are seeing Charles this weekend so I will tuck a little something from " Chalky's World" in the car for her -- Buster is coming to visit too!
 What fun I have had this morning thinking of Mrs Twins as I packed THE BOX!
Here it is all ready to go!

The only problem is the village Post Office shut down many years ago.
So, I have to leave our pretty village and head to town!
As for Buster he soon did what all good doggies do -- Had a rest!
All that choosing is quite tiring!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

2+2+2 = A Giveaway! Please join in.

200 posts passed me by when I was not looking so now Chalky's World has notched up 222 posts.
What a great number!
I like the number 2 so, three in a row calls for a celebration and a way of saying a great big ---
"Thank You"
"Thank You, Thank You"
for popping into my little bit of Blogland and leaving such encouraging comments.
I love to see them when I click on my blog!

Now comes the tricky bit -- What to Giveaway!

I would like to show you the box.
But not the inside.
 Because for every comment I will add a little something to the box.

I will love looking at the winners blog and tucking in something special and something from "Chalky's World!"

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Latest Obsession -- beautiful bibs!

I remember it well!
Two great nieces have been born recently and whilst doing some "blog hopping" I saw these pattern for a lovely bib!
Thank you to Chickpea sewing studio!
Well. I like getting out the machine now and again and I made a start.
I enjoyed it so much I did not stop for ages and ages,but, you can never have too many bibs can you!

 One of the new baby girls is called Devon.
 Her Mummy comes from Devon and I thought one of these would be perfect for when she comes to visit her Grandma by the sea!

I just love this material with the little boy playing with his dog by the waters edge with Beach Huts in the background!
Perfect for mopping up after an ice cream on the beach!
One in a  lovely flowery print - so pretty!

The softest fleecy material on the back.

A bigger size for bigger mopping up jobs!

The quilted back makes it super absorbent but still very soft!

So, some packed up to send,and some in waiting for a dear friend's new Grandchild who is expected any day now!

And of course two were packed in the little bags which went with us to North Devon at the weekend!

I hope you feel inspired to make some.