Monday, 23 May 2011

Whew! It's finished and baby due tomorrow!

Nearly here!
We are soon to have a brand new Great Niece or Nephew.
So, of course it will be time to wave a Name Flag!
I always think the waiting time for a new baby is an exciting one.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
Will it be on time?
How much will it weigh?
Lots of questions us girls want answers to!
Anyway, I am hoping it will be a girl to enjoy all these sherberty colours!

 And, if it is a little boy --- Well, I had better get a wiggle on and knit the other sock!

 Now it's just a waiting game!


  1. Lovely things you have made there !
    Hope baby arrives soon
    Sue x

  2. Sue, Thanks for popping in and leaving such a lovely commentx

  3. I would love the blanket and the socks for either a boy or a girl, they are lovely. How exciting a new baby in the family :)

  4. Awww...congrats for you and your family, Linda! Adore. Hugsssss. LOVE the baby blanket and TOTALLY adore the booties. Hee :)

  5. I love your baby projects :)

    Sending good vibes for an easy birth and happy, healthy baby

  6. What a gorgeous blanket! Just right for tucking a baby into, whatever sort it turns out to be!

  7. Thanks for all your kind comments.Still playing the waiting game.

  8. Wow! Such a gorgeous blanket! Your baby crochet is really awesome! I love the booties too!!! Perfect for your baby! Congratulations!

  9. Today I received my first 'Blog Award' part of it involves passing it on, I always enjoy your Blog so you are one of my chosen few :) lol
    Inthesky x

  10. I am glad you are pleased I was too :) I googled to see what everyone else did because I had no idea either. It has increased my traffic which is always exciting. I just copied and pasted the logo and wrote my post then notified the people I have nominated. Award winning Bloggers - well fancy that! lol


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