Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pyjama Day Take Two!!

I can't believe it's that time again!
Not that I am complaining about
Another Pyjama Day!!!
I nearly chickened out earlier and got in the shower and dressed but no!
I remembered how productive my last Pyjama Day was so I stuck to my guns!!
Somehow staying in my Pyjamas keeps me focused , no wandering into the garden. I would hate to scare the neighbours!
No popping into town.
Just a real concentration on all the projects I want to get on with!
The " Sporty One " is doing what he loves best - watching the Cup Final in Weymouth and doing a bit of male bonding!
So I don't have to think about food,tidying, in fact anything but Craftiness. Divine!
I have even gone in for an upmarket Pyjama Day this year with a Marks and Spencer Meal for Two. I am home alone for 2 nights and it certainly beats a cheese sandwich.
So here we go!

It's ages since I have made any cards but I saw this a little pack of Beach Landscapes  in Totnes yesterday which inspired me!
Also these gorgeous threads and fibres.

Just waiting to be woven into a wish for someone special!

I find it so interesting when I have a read back through my blog and often I realise I have suddenly started working with a completely different colour combination!
I have been toying with an idea for my Brothers birthday.
We have seen so many together originality becomes a problem!
When faced with that situation " Hand Crafted" always comes to mind!
I have been enjoying Crochet with Raymond and have been inspired by her lovely work!
I really love these
And of course the Birthday people will always know you care enough to actually make something for them
Saturday evenings have always been special to my Brother and his wife so I hope these mats and coasters will be a part of special times together.

So all in all an absolutely perfect Pyjama Day but there were two other additions which made it even more special!
Look what the postman delivered!
I have the most lovely relationship with a lovely lady I met through a Charity knitting thread and just look at the lovely things she sent for my birthday!

What a lovely surprise!
But there was also this lovely postcard from Mrs Twins

The very thing that makes her SO SPECIAL!
So follow my lead at least once a year have a Pyjama Day -- they really are fun!


  1. You turn this guilty pleasure into a legitimate and acceptable pampering decision. I love my PJs they have little sheep all over. You know how to have a PJ day with style. You have made some lovely things. It is making me think I need some nice felted slippers to complete PJ Day. I would campaign for one PJ day a month is that greedy? I love your birthday buttons, I wonder what you will do with them...many happy returns x

  2. In the Sky . You go for it!!! One PJ day a month sounds infinitely more blissful than 1 a year! Please report back xxx

  3. Hope you enjoyed your PJ Day!! (And your M&S Meal)
    Those bananas in pyjamas, at the top of your post, remind me of Jedward!
    I didn't watch Eurovision but gather they were in it...which just shows the depths to which the contest has stooped!
    ;-) x

  4. I love PJ days. We have them a lot more than once a month, but I won't say exactly how often lol! ... :0)

  5. What lovely things you've made. The mats are beautiful, I love the colours. Personally, I don't do PJ days. I like to be up and dressed - PJ's are for when you're ill! Childhood recollections, I suppose. But I don't actually have any PJ's!

  6. Ooooh I could definitely do with a pyjama day - might get some funny looks when I walk the dog though! It looks like you had a very productive day, I love those blues and purples:)

  7. Thank you all for your very encouraging comments. Puppet Lady you ought to give it a try but I totally reserve them for when I am on my own!!!Shirl it sounds like you really enjoy yours! I am loving the blues and purples too!


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