Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Project just for me! How to transform a Bag Lady!

I am aware that I have a tendency to be a bit of a bag lady!
Now that would be wonderful if I was this sort of a bag lady!

But actually I am more this sort!

Now I am not giving up on myself. I honestly believe it is born out of laziness.
I never prepare myself physically before I have to go anywhere.
So I grab what I need at the last moment and turn into a bag lady!
This is bad enough in ordinary day life but when it comes to my Yoga class I want my bag to reflect care and time.
Time that I have spent packing my bag with the few things I need so that when I wake on Mondays everything is calm and ready.

So I have chosen my colours --  cool and calming!

I8 of my very favourite Granny Squares!

Edged in Navy and decorated with my favourite buttons. 

And my favourite shape.

All sewn on!

A bit of Tic Tac Toe going on in this arrangement!

This is the first Granny Bag I have ever made but wanted it to have a gusset.
So I did 6 rows of trebles around 3 sides of one of the panels of 9.
Joining it with a raised seam.
Hope you can see what I mean with this picture!

And this one.
The row of running stitch is just a whimsical decoration using the wool from the centre of the Grannys'.

 Fold it all ip and join once more using a raised seam ( Work with wrong sides facing )
The lovely Lucy has a tutorial here but I worked with the Wrong Side of my squares to achieve a  raised seam which became part of my design.

I made 2 handles and "TA DAH! " 
Bag finished!
I am so chuffed and will be a bag lady no more!!!!
Or certainly not when I go to Yoga!

In case you want to make a bag like mine here are some of the deatils.
18 Granny Squares the size you require.
20 buttons
Lots of fun!
When you have made your Tic Tac Toe Design work 6 rows of Trebles -- 1 in every stitch on 3 sides of one side of your bag this will form the gussets.
Join the sides to make 1 complete round.
Fold the bottom and join to make the bottom gusset.
You could sew all these seams but I carried on the raised seam theme throughout.
The handles---- Chain 60 and working in Double Crochet work using a pattern of the wools you have used.
I worked around and around the initial chain, not backwards and forwards along the rows.
After using all 4 colours I sewed the handles firmly to the bag and decorated with 4 buttons.
If any of this causes any problems please leave me a message and I will get straight back to you!


  1. Very typical and unique made.

  2. Lovely bag, Linda, and I especially like the little buttons. Is it big enough to get your yoga mat in? I've made a sort of sling for mine out of velcro, to stop it unrolling in transit, but it's not nearly as pretty as this!

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comments x It is not for my mat just special things I take
    Love Linda

  4. Looks great Linda. Thanks you may have helped me with a stalled project

  5. Maria -I am so pleased about that . I hope it goes well.
    Love Linda


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