Monday, 16 May 2011

Loveliness all over the world!

Our visit to Japan is still so fresh in our minds so I was so pleased to find this blog this morning!

What wonderful Granny's being sent already!
You can guess what I am going to do RIGHT NOW can't you!


  1. Welcome on board! Will contact you when I get back from work this evening and give you all the details, lovely lovely teddies :)
    kate x

  2. Wonderful to see all the squares pouring in, and the blankets that evolve!

  3. Spread the news! Thanks for popping in Suztats! x

  4. Hi Linda, isn't it wonderful what's going on over at Kyoyu Kyoyu Share?! Glad you're on board. Have a lovely week, xJosie

  5. Thank yuo so much for putting this wonderful initiative on your blog and I think it's fabulous that you used my granny square picture :-) There are 35 there, woohoo!

    Please everyone, if you have a stash of acrylic yarn just laying around that you're not using: grab your crochet hook or knitting needles!!!

    Esther (

  6. What pretty Squares! I'm popping over now thanks for the links!
    and...for commenting on my blog.
    Hugs Suex


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