Saturday, 28 May 2011

My First Blog Award!!

I just love popping into my world at "Chalky's" and seeing a new comment.
I used to worry that it was an ego thing but it's definitely not!!
I just love having a place where I can have a ramble about my life. A place where I can share what I am up to. 
But most of all a place where I have met friends, learnt so much, glimpsed at other peoples lives, enjoyed the most wonderful photography and a place from where I can go  "Blog Hopping " and end up brimming with inspiration.
But last night I had the most wonderful surprise I had been nominated for my FIRST EVER 
Blog award.
Thank you so much Lucy from In the Sky.
Luckily this morning she has given me a clue about what I have to do next!
Firstly tell you 10 things about myself that you don't know already--- That is actually quite hard as I tend to "tell" it all on blog.
 But here we go!

1) I can read really quickly upside down!

2.) I have no interest in Sport whatsoever.

3). My Great Grandma played the Church Organ at Brentor Church on Dartmoor. Fascinating little church on top of a volcanic outcrop on Dartmoor! It is so worth a Google!

4) I get lost within 3 miles of where I live and can't read maps! The internal magnet gene is definitely missing!

I was once left swimming alone in the sea off an island in Thailand miles from anywhere-- a mix up with the language!

I am useless at Maths!

I was lucky enough to own a pony called Robin Hood when I was in my teens.

I am useless at making picnics!

I have been up in a Hot Air Balloon and loved it!

I hate Coriander intensely!

Next, which is the fun bit - I have to pass this award on.
I have to choose 10 blogs and I hope they are as chuffed to receive it as I was. As the saying goes " This is in no particular order!"

1) Tangled Happy- Sara is such a star at wandering though beautiful blogs and then posting for the rest of us the most inspirational ideas. Thanks Sara!

2)The Blue Chair Diary-- I just love this blog because it is so different to mine- I can't draw for a start and the photography is amazing. This little look at Sophia's life shows how far you can get with a bit of determination and hope!

3)Suztats. Don't you just love it when you see images which are breathtakingly beautiful. They are here and the patience involved!! Well I am always mesmorised!

4) Sharky Knows -- Now anyone who really knows Chalky knows this beautiful blog belongs to Charles. My lovely Daughter-In -Law. She is my very favourite! ( Lucky I only have 1 son!!!) It has been so lovey to see this blog develop and I just love her style of writing. She is so openly honest about what went beautifully and what she is really happy with - Oh! And she mentions me a bit too!

5) Sue is amazing! No other word for it. Sometimes it is quite hard to get to know the real person behind the blog but this is so not the case with Sue also known as Mrs Twins. He efforts with " Sibol" leave me feeling quite humble. Have a look at her blog and you will see what I mean.

6) A Lot of my blog features the idea of " Love is something if you give it away!" I love working for causes that strike a chord and this lovely blog, a fledgling certainly did. I hope it grows and grows. Have a look at the wonderful work going on!

7) A touch of childhood memories .Sal of and I went to school together and taught the "littlies" together for a while. Then our lives drifted apart, but blogging has changed all that. Her sheer enthusiasm is infectious and her way with words both amusing and inspiring. Shame about the football though-- but you can't have everything. Sal loves her garden and I love it too. It features often in her blog. As does her jaunts which of course cover places I know and love so much.

8) This new blog is just so pretty and I love having a visit just to relax and share a little bit of the magic you can find here! Have a look ,you will too!

9) Get ready for inspiration from this lovely blog. The colours are gorgeous.

10) Maybe last but definitely not least I always love to do a bit of "Window shopping" in this beautiful blog. Hope you like it too!

So Thank you again Lucy -- What a lovely surprise!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Whew! It's finished and baby due tomorrow!

Nearly here!
We are soon to have a brand new Great Niece or Nephew.
So, of course it will be time to wave a Name Flag!
I always think the waiting time for a new baby is an exciting one.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
Will it be on time?
How much will it weigh?
Lots of questions us girls want answers to!
Anyway, I am hoping it will be a girl to enjoy all these sherberty colours!

 And, if it is a little boy --- Well, I had better get a wiggle on and knit the other sock!

 Now it's just a waiting game!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Bouquet of ----- SOCKS!

Our first meeting with a beautiful Great Niece!
Well every girl loves flowers don't they!

And little girls look so cute in Summer dresses and socks of course!

This lovely little sock bouquet took 3 pairs of socks, a quick look on You Tube, and literally 2 minutes!
Hope she likes them!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Crochet hook is Smokin'!

Trying to be Speedy!

As I said in my last post the Earthquake in Japan was close to my heart.
So, I have hooked these squares into a blanket for
I  am so glad just to do a little bit of woolliness for such a good cause!

A Heart tucked in to send lots of love and gentle thoughts!

So, with that done I have to get moving in preparation for a Special Delivery which is due in the next couple of weeks.
A very unusual colour palette for me -- BUT -- I am loving it!
As you can see only enough to warm 10 tootsies so far so hook is going to be smokin!!

 I was out walking with Buster this week and talking to a lovely fellow " hooker " and she told me about this gorgeous yarn!
Aren't the colours reminiscent of sherbert - BUT - let's hope it's a little girl!

 I have never used this yarn before but it is soooooo snuggly and cuddly I shall definitely be using it again and again.

Hope you love it !
I will report back when I have done a little more Zig Zaginess!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Loveliness all over the world!

Our visit to Japan is still so fresh in our minds so I was so pleased to find this blog this morning!

What wonderful Granny's being sent already!
You can guess what I am going to do RIGHT NOW can't you!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pyjama Day Take Two!!

I can't believe it's that time again!
Not that I am complaining about
Another Pyjama Day!!!
I nearly chickened out earlier and got in the shower and dressed but no!
I remembered how productive my last Pyjama Day was so I stuck to my guns!!
Somehow staying in my Pyjamas keeps me focused , no wandering into the garden. I would hate to scare the neighbours!
No popping into town.
Just a real concentration on all the projects I want to get on with!
The " Sporty One " is doing what he loves best - watching the Cup Final in Weymouth and doing a bit of male bonding!
So I don't have to think about food,tidying, in fact anything but Craftiness. Divine!
I have even gone in for an upmarket Pyjama Day this year with a Marks and Spencer Meal for Two. I am home alone for 2 nights and it certainly beats a cheese sandwich.
So here we go!

It's ages since I have made any cards but I saw this a little pack of Beach Landscapes  in Totnes yesterday which inspired me!
Also these gorgeous threads and fibres.

Just waiting to be woven into a wish for someone special!

I find it so interesting when I have a read back through my blog and often I realise I have suddenly started working with a completely different colour combination!
I have been toying with an idea for my Brothers birthday.
We have seen so many together originality becomes a problem!
When faced with that situation " Hand Crafted" always comes to mind!
I have been enjoying Crochet with Raymond and have been inspired by her lovely work!
I really love these
And of course the Birthday people will always know you care enough to actually make something for them
Saturday evenings have always been special to my Brother and his wife so I hope these mats and coasters will be a part of special times together.

So all in all an absolutely perfect Pyjama Day but there were two other additions which made it even more special!
Look what the postman delivered!
I have the most lovely relationship with a lovely lady I met through a Charity knitting thread and just look at the lovely things she sent for my birthday!

What a lovely surprise!
But there was also this lovely postcard from Mrs Twins

The very thing that makes her SO SPECIAL!
So follow my lead at least once a year have a Pyjama Day -- they really are fun!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Project just for me! How to transform a Bag Lady!

I am aware that I have a tendency to be a bit of a bag lady!
Now that would be wonderful if I was this sort of a bag lady!

But actually I am more this sort!

Now I am not giving up on myself. I honestly believe it is born out of laziness.
I never prepare myself physically before I have to go anywhere.
So I grab what I need at the last moment and turn into a bag lady!
This is bad enough in ordinary day life but when it comes to my Yoga class I want my bag to reflect care and time.
Time that I have spent packing my bag with the few things I need so that when I wake on Mondays everything is calm and ready.

So I have chosen my colours --  cool and calming!

I8 of my very favourite Granny Squares!

Edged in Navy and decorated with my favourite buttons. 

And my favourite shape.

All sewn on!

A bit of Tic Tac Toe going on in this arrangement!

This is the first Granny Bag I have ever made but wanted it to have a gusset.
So I did 6 rows of trebles around 3 sides of one of the panels of 9.
Joining it with a raised seam.
Hope you can see what I mean with this picture!

And this one.
The row of running stitch is just a whimsical decoration using the wool from the centre of the Grannys'.

 Fold it all ip and join once more using a raised seam ( Work with wrong sides facing )
The lovely Lucy has a tutorial here but I worked with the Wrong Side of my squares to achieve a  raised seam which became part of my design.

I made 2 handles and "TA DAH! " 
Bag finished!
I am so chuffed and will be a bag lady no more!!!!
Or certainly not when I go to Yoga!

In case you want to make a bag like mine here are some of the deatils.
18 Granny Squares the size you require.
20 buttons
Lots of fun!
When you have made your Tic Tac Toe Design work 6 rows of Trebles -- 1 in every stitch on 3 sides of one side of your bag this will form the gussets.
Join the sides to make 1 complete round.
Fold the bottom and join to make the bottom gusset.
You could sew all these seams but I carried on the raised seam theme throughout.
The handles---- Chain 60 and working in Double Crochet work using a pattern of the wools you have used.
I worked around and around the initial chain, not backwards and forwards along the rows.
After using all 4 colours I sewed the handles firmly to the bag and decorated with 4 buttons.
If any of this causes any problems please leave me a message and I will get straight back to you!