Saturday, 23 April 2011

Have you heard about SIBOL?

Sunshine International Blankets Of Love!
If you have heard all about Sibol you will be just as inspired by the wonderful work of Mrs Twins as me!
If you have not heard all about it be ready to be totally gobsmacked!
A true story of from a little acorn mighty things can grow!
Well, it has been a while since I have contributed to these wonderful blankets. 
So I had a look at the latest challenges and got hooking.

First some squares for the Tropical theme!

Next The Winter Wonderland Challenge!

Loved the texture idea!

And just had to add a few Flowery Squares!

Now it is just a case of a little bit of posting and then wait for the fun to begin.

Mrs Twins works her magic -- slideshows, pictures, writing, and 
then the sqaures are turned into works of Art.
If you don't believe me take a peek!
I can't wait to see mine as part of the show.
And of course you do get a lovely warm feeling thinking that an elderly person is going to be so comforted by these Truly International Blankets of Love.
Hope you have a try!


  1. Lovely squares, a brilliant cause.

    Shirl x

  2. Your hook has been flying, Linda - great squares! The lovely thing about SIBOL and Mrs Twins is the care and time devoted by Sue to acknowledging and showing all donated squares, and the blankets. She does a great job, along with all her worldwide community of workers, like you. As you say, she does work magic!

  3. Shirl -- Thank you so much for popping in and it is a brilliant cause isn't it!
    Janet I could not agree with you more. Sue makes everyone feel so special. Lovely to see you popping into "Chalky's World!"

  4. Oh goodness me 'I'm getting quite emotional here!' What sweet kind words thank you so...much Linda. I only put the Squares together it's the talent of all you lovely ladies that makes the blankets so beautiful! I cannot thank you all enough!
    These Squares Linda are just perfect and I'm actually working on Puppet Ladys Squares now as I speak! For our two tone green challenge.
    It will be a treat to make you your own Slide Show when I receive your squares, I can't wait!
    love to you and thank you!!!!!!
    and....everyone else too!

    Hugs and Happy Easter! Suex

  5. Thank you for popping in Sue-- Lovely to see you.
    The 2 tone green challenge sounds lovely. Happy Hooking!
    So glad you are still enjoying all things wonderfully SIBOL!
    Love Linda


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