Monday, 4 April 2011

The First Step To Crochet! Be prepared to be addicted!

Never to young and never to old to learn all kinds of things!

Now I do remember how hard it was to learn to ride a bike and I certainly remember nearly drowning -- or so I thought, whilst learning to swim!

I can not however really remember learing how to crochet or knit. I do remember my dear Grandma teaching me -- but it's like a lot of things - Once you get it, you so totally get it!
Now that is great for the person who has "GOT IT"  but when asked by a dear friend to teach her,, well I had to rethink .
Back to all the different little steps which then join together, to make a piece of crochet work!
I have said it before,perhaps the best thing about crochet is that you do not need to worry about it.
You might hold the hook slightly differently than someone else.
 You might twist it in a different way but soon you will be making your very own chains and stitches. 
It is peaceful, calming,rewarding and fun. 
No chance of grazed knees or drowning!

So, I am going to try and write down the instructions with photographs I shared with my friend this morning.
 She can look again and again at the process which makes the stitches until all of a sudden she will be able to do the first step in crochet without even looking!

Step One
Make a loop in your wool.
This becomes your first stitch.

 I find it easier to see where I am going with my work if I use my thumb and middle finger of my left hand in a pincer shape to hold the base of the stitch I am working.
My index finger tends to act like a rocker to keep the yarn at the right tension.

Hook the yarn over the hook.

Pull the yarn through the previous stitch, thus making a new one.
It helps if you give the hook a little twist as you pull the new stitch through. This twist keeps the yarn on the hook.

Can you see, you have made a new stitch!
Just for now make lots of these stitches.

These stitches are called chains and they are used to make the foundation row of any crochet project.

Now it is a good idea to practice these chains until they get as easy as riding that bike.
When you come to work your first row of a project its neatness is determined somewhat by the eveness of your initial chain row.
Too tight and its hard to get your hook in and the edges soon become convex.
I am not sure what might happen if you work them too loosely!
Well a few details-
I am right handed.
I use a 4.00 mm crochet hook. Which my family know I frequently lose and curse about.
I use double knitting wool with the size 4.00 mm needle
The stitches I am referring to are UK Terms

Now of course I am sure you could find all this on You Tube, maybe explained in a better way.
But I loved just sitting with a good friend who has taught me so much and sharing a bit off hookiness
with her.
Double Crochet Stitch next!!!


  1. I can chain, but that's about it. I'll be tuning in to see what comes next. Do I need another addiction??! lol

  2. Suztats I was just thinking of you -- not concerned with addictions but because you so often pop in and leave me lovely comments. So Thank You
    Love Linda

  3. nice clear instructions! when are you doing the single crochet though??? haha

  4. I use my left hand the same way as you do - but sometimes my index finger gets cold! Maybe I should crochet a finger warmer! What's next - single or double crochet?;)

  5. You clever thing! I'm sure everyone will keep watching! x
    hugs Suex


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